Explosive Revelation: Birx Confesses to Deceiving President Trump and Falsifying Covid Protocols!

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In a shocking admission that has sent shockwaves across the nation, Dr. Birx admits to deception and manipulation of data in her book “Silent Invasion”. In the book she confesses how she deceived President Trump, falsified Covid protocols and altered Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

Dr. Birx reveals, in her own words, to lying and manipulating data about COVID-19. Hear once and for all what is behind her agenda and why she did it. In this explosive revelation, uncover the daunting truth behind Deborah Birx’s sinister bid to deceive President Trump!

In an interview on CNN, while promoting her book, Birx admitted to using foreign data and that Trump felt she had betrayed him.

Dr. Birx expressed her belief that COVID-19 was being spread asymptomatically, while the White House and the CDC overlooked this for eight months. She clashed with Dr. Scott Atlas on this point, as he believed that asymptomatic transmission was minimal and not driving the pandemic. Without seeking permission first, she and Robert Redfield revised guidance on the CDC website. When Mark Meadows found out about this he called Dr. Birx to ask what she thought she was doing, to which she replied affirmatively and Meadows said there were “no ‘buts’ here” and that she had gone over his head.

Apparently going over the head of the White House was no big deal because she was “so worried” and “focused”

CNN failed to highlight this next point.

In her memoir, Birx reveals that in order to conceal certain information from her superiors, she would go through covid documents and manipulate the data. She explains that she would reinsert any objected material into different locations, rearrange and restructure the bullet points so that the most controversial points were no longer at the start of them. Furthermore, she shared these strategies with three other members of the data team. Her weekend routine became a process of “write, submit, revise, hide and resubmit”, which proved successful in keeping certain information hidden.

Michael P. Senger wrote in his recent substack article titled, “Deborah Birx’s “Silent Invasion”: a Guide to Destroying America From Within.” that, “Virtually every page of Birx’s monstrosity of a book, Silent Invasion, reads like a how-to guide in subverting a democratic superpower from within, as could only be told through the personal account of someone who was on the front lines doing just that.”

In an alarming conclusion, Dr. Deborah Birx’s shocking admission in her book, “Silent Invasion,” confirms her deceptive and manipulative behavior involving the pandemic. She explicitly states her disinformation-based approach to the President and falsifying government protocols for Covid-19 prevention, as well as altering CDC guidelines. It would seem that Dr. Birx’s agenda is focused on destroying democracy from within, something she has been doing from a position of trust since the onset of this global health crisis. With this information now out in the open, one can only hope that more light will be shed on the deceptions of this committed liar going forward.

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