Startling Update: Blow To Biden As ABC Host Left Speechless By Recent Findings!

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The ABC Network has become the bearer of some absolutely shocking news: recent poll numbers foretell a crushing defeat for Joe Biden. ABC host Jon Karl was left completely speechless at the unexpected results, making ABC’s report of the poll an absolute must-see. The poll reveals a grim reality for Biden and could be devastating if the results bear out on Election Day. Watch as ABC is forced to report the bad news that  could spell catastrophe for Biden’s campaign before it even begins.

On ABC’s “This Week” segment with Jon Karl, he had the unfortunate task of announcing some unwelcome news; that President Biden is underwater in the polls and his reelection prospects are looking grim. The true shocker, however, came when Karl reported the results of an ABC poll – that found Trump beats Biden if they were to face off again. Even the veteran journalist was puzzled by these numbers, offering no commentary other than to state matter-of-factly what the latest numbers were indicating. Watch this news segment now to witness firsthand as Karl delivers this bad news.

At the Roundtable discussion, Karl expressed confusion over a poll result that showed that more Republicans desire a Trump re-run than Democrats who want Biden to run. While 31% of respondents called for Biden to continue on as president, 44% of Republican voters supported Trump’s reelection. This discrepancy may be due, in large part, to the economy flourishing and challenges being far less present under Trump than his predecessor. It is likely that those polled took these factors into consideration when deciding whether they would back a familiar face again or seek change with someone new.

It looks like it could be bad news all round as oh but there is even more bad news for the former Vice President from another poll – this time from ABC-Washington Post; the numbers are showing President Trump holding onto a 3 point lead overall, as well as having a 9 point advantage with independent voters. Taking such a commanding lead among independent voters could be an ominous sign for Joe Biden.

Despite his lack of official campaign launch, or Democratic Party opposition, President Trump has gained five points since September when this same poll was conducted. This movement could be in response to the midterm elections, in which the Democrats held onto a Senate majority and nearly maintained control of the House. As tensions mount between the two candidates, Trump is expected to face obstacles from members of his own party as he strives towards another White House bid. Furthermore, Biden’s approval ratings have yet to reach desired levels among responses.

The news from ABC is not good for Joe Biden as early poll numbers indicate a crushing defeat for him. The unexpected results of the poll has left even the network’s own host, Jon Karl, baffled. To make things worse, the Washington Post-ABC poll suggests things are looking very much in favor of President Trump, who has managed to increase his lead by five points since September when the same dataset was last collected. This could spell trouble for Biden if things continue to remain the same when Election Day arrives.

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