Gov’s New Bill: California Residents, Losing Your Guns Soon?

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Tyrannical governments never rest in their lust for power and control over the population. Their favorite tool to do this? Limiting peoples’ freedoms. In many countries, citizens are born and raised with limited rights, but in California that would have been unheard of until recently. A series of criminal behavior has resulted in an increase of justified governmental influence leading to what most would call unjust overreach.

In a state with a consistent pattern of gun violence and already the tightest gun restrictions, it’s no surprise that Gavin Newsom is pushing for even tighter regulations on Second Amendment rights. In an effort to reign in the potential for further tragic incidents, Newsom has thrown his support behind Senate Bill 2 – a piece of legislation seeking to limit how and where people are legally allowed to carry firearms. 

Town Hall reports, Gavin Newsom has tightened the reigns on Second Amendment rights after a spate of mass shootings. 

The governor endorsed Senate Bill 2, which calls for stricter gun laws, including limiting concealed carry locations.

Newsom addressed the press to remind people why his administration needs to take people’s guns away.

Last week, California saw four mass shootings. None of the incidents were related to the concealed carry law in the state. 

In the event that this law passes, residents will no longer be able to carry their concealed weapons into churches, zoos, public libraries, amusement parks, playgrounds, banks, and other privately owned businesses.

There would be no rule violation if the businessman posted a sign allowing concealed weapons.

Anthony Portantino (D-Calif) called the exception that businesses can put up signs allowing concealed weapons a “legal nuance.”

National Rifle Association state director Dan Reid called the law a “political stunt” unrelated to the recent mass shootings.

Reid said.“ If Gov. Newsom and AG [Rob] Bonta truly wanted to address the violent crime running rampant through their state, they’d put an end to the soft-on-crime policies and no cash bail programs that have turned California into a nightmare for its citizens. Instead, these politicians have chosen to further restrict the rights of those who follow the law with a political stunt that will not make Californians any safer.”

Last year, Democrats in California tried to pass the law, but were unable to get enough support due to interference that required a two-thirds vote in the legislature. 

Governor Newsom knows what’s causing this gun violence, but he chooses not to acknowledge it and instead focuses on actions that protect criminals. California’s strict anti-cop stance has limited citizens from having the protection needed to stop criminals from using guns to enact mass shootings on innocent people. This ongoing situation could be fixed if California did the complete opposite of what their leaders are currently doing. No place in the world will ever be perfectly safe but if people could defend themselves they would feel much safer and criminals would be less bold to attack.

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