The Moment Don Lemon Blew Up: Why The Host Left Kaitlan Collins Unnerved

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It’s liberal insanity at its finest.  Don Lemon, a purported liberal champion for the ‘woke mob’ of the Left, had an on-air blowout with his colleague Kaitlan Collins on a recent episode of CNN’s “This Morning”. 

It appears that all the virtue signaling from Don Lemon will not save him from his most recent tirade he launched at his female co host.

Daily wire reports, according to reports, CNN’s Don Lemon left co-host Kaitlan Collins “rattled” on the set of “CNN This Morning” on December 8 after he allegedly blew up at her after the show ended.

While the network was covering the release of notorious Russian terrorist and weapons trafficker Viktor Bout in exchange for WNBA player Brittney Griner, the incident occurred.

Let’s see the exchange.

According to Fox News, Lemon was absent from the show the following day because his co-host Poppy Harlow informed viewers that he had the day off.

A source explained what happened stating“Don screamed at Kaitlan, who was visibly upset and ran out of the studio,”  The source said that the blowup happened in front of other staffers.

“At this point, Kaitlan wants to be on set with Don as little as possible,” another source told the Post. “It’s messy.”

According to pictures posted on Instagram by Tim Malone, Don Lemon is now on “vacation” in California with his partner. Does that give you more time to cool off?

Additionally, this story indicates there’s a continuing issue with Lemon, since the CNN newsletter discusses his blowup with Collins. This suggests that no one is catering to him or covering up any bad behavior, even in the company newsletter. That’s probably what really upsets him.

Kelly castigated him for his treatment of Collins, calling him a d-bag and saying she would not have tolerated it.


It’s no surprise that the ratings on Lemon’s show are terrible – a failed network hiring abuser talent won’t help their reputation any more than it already has. For too long the liberal establishment has been allowed to get away with these actions to further their own agenda but the winds are changing, with growing resentment against liberal power structures seen from both sides of the aisle. If CNN really wants to start cleaning up its act, it will have to rewrite its playbook for good and start by cancelling Don Lemon before he humiliates them any more than he already has.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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