Yuma Crisis: Hospital CEO Reports Overrun by Migrants, System At Breaking Point: $20 Million Unpaid

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As we speak, American towns and cities along our borders are experiencing destruction, while billions in taxpayer dollars are being sent to other countries to protect their borders. Our own borders remain vulnerable, leaving us exposed to all manner of illegal activity. Worse, our healthcare system is taking the brunt of the cost for illegal immigrants who receive treatment with zero compensation. And our government continues to lie that they’re doing everything to secure our borders.

On the U.S.-Mexico border, the humanitarian crisis concerning immigrant health care is coming to a head: Yuma Hospital in Arizona has now provided OVER $20 million in uncompensated health care that has yet to be paid by the federal government. For months, the hospital has had to face an influx of immigrants with limited resources and medical personnel; an unsustainable phenomenon for such a small center. It remains a mystery what lies ahead for this hospital and its patients, as it appears no one—neither from state nor federal organizations—has made any real effort to intervene since the news broke last,

CNS News reports, According to Yuma Regional’s president and CEO, Dr. Robert Transchel, the hospital has provided more than $20 million in uncompensated health care as a result of the influx of immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to him, “no one has a solution.”

On Sunday, Dr. Transchel told Fox News about the ongoing crisis Hospital continues to face.

Dr. Tanschel explains that the people most affected are the tax-paying residents and the people benefiting the most.

While the doctor did not call it a public emergency, he did say it might become one once Title 42 is lifted.

Despite pleading with Arizona officials and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the problem remains unresolved. The state and federal governments have not offered any assistance.

Politico reports, The Biden administration announced last week that the Covid-19 national and public health emergencies would end on May 11. Moreover, it said in a statement to Congress that Title 42 – which allowed the government to turn away asylum seekers on health grounds – would also end then.

In the following days, the administration reversed that assertion, prompting confusion and furor among immigration advocates.

The opening of the border has meant that illegal pregnant females and babies have had somewhere to go to receive free medical care, and while this is a positive consequence for babies and their mother, we must recognize that someone is going to foot the bill for these services. As conservatives, we understand just how expensive health care can be and we don’t think it’s fair for tax-payers who are seeking to make ends meet to have to pay for someone else’s medical costs. Although we recognize and applaud the effort put in by staff members at such a hospital, it is clear something must be done so that people cannot take advantage of its resources without any thought as to how it might affect the community and the econmy.

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