Red Alert: House GOP Finds Taliban With Verified Twitter Accounts

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As America struggles to regain balance in the wake of recent changes, the rest of the world follows suit – globalization has ensured that our actions touch and ripple across all regions. From unstable stock markets to rising food prices, what affects us is sure to have multiple implications for other nations too. A big problem we have created is the evolution of the Taliban and other terror groups since we left.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk is being warned by House Republicans that terror organizations use loopholes on the social media site to spread propaganda.

The Washington Times reports, three Texas representatives, Pat Fallon, Keith Self, and Ronny Jackson, as well as James Moylan of Guam, wrote a letter to Mr. Musk demanding answers on how Twitter can prevent misuse of its site by bad actors.

The letter reads in part, “Recent reports of Taliban officials purchasing blue checkmarks on Twitter have raised concerns that they may be using the algorithms associated with the program to spread hate, radical idealism, and terrorist propaganda. It is important to note that the United States does not recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.”

On Twitter, Congressman Fallon added, “American free speech is something that must be protected at all costs, but we cannot allow the likes of [terror groups] and the Taliban to use U.S.-based systems to spread radical ideologies and terrorist propaganda.”

As noted by Just the News, Users can subscribe to Twitter Blue, Musk’s recently introduced premium service that includes a verification marker depicting a white check within a blue bubble, often identified as a “blue check.”

A tumultuous rollout last year saw many accounts purchase verifications to impersonate prominent figures, among other problems. In a relaunch, businesses, individuals, and governments were able to create verified logos in a variety of colors.

Musk was asked not only how he intends to handle incidents of abuse by transnational and terrorist groups, but also how they can help uphold First Amendment protections while cracking down on malpractice, in addition to practices for combating misuse of Twitter.

Musk’s takeover of Twitter has been welcomed by Republicans because of his commitment to maintaining free speech on it as in recent years, GOP lawmakers have expressed concerns and accusations that their conservative views have been silenced online.

As Americans, we have enough problems without adding the threat of terrorist organizations and propaganda entering our social media platforms. We may not like having twitter collaborate with the government regardless which party it is, but it is necessary for us to maintain a sense of safety and security. It’s important that we stand together as a country and fight against terror-related activity on all fronts, especially on places like Twitter where so many people come to stay informed or even just be entertained. Propaganda is an extremely powerful tool and social media is the last place it belongs – especially if terror groups are involved.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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