Biden’s economic policies called into question as Americans suffer financially

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Jared Bernstein and Neil Cavuto got into a heated debate over the economy on Tuesday. Cavuto would not back down when it was obvious that Jaren Bernsteit was lying to the American people.

It seems that to work for Biden’s administration you must be adept at lying, and only go on favorable news channels to ensure your message gets out to the masses, without being compromised as the lie.

Daily caller reports. Before President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, Fox News’ Neil Cavuto and White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein sparred over the economy.

Four out of ten Americans say their financial situation has worsened since Biden took office, according to a recent poll by ABC News/The Washington Post. According to the poll, 41% of respondents said they are financially worse off now than they were before Biden took office. In addition, roughly six out of ten self-described Democratic adults do not want Biden to win the presidential nomination. Additionally, several other polls conducted throughout 2022 showed a lack of approval for Biden’s handling of the economy.


While Biden’s economic advisors want to go out and spread lies about the economy, there are some who will call them on their lies. 

Daily wire reports. Biden repeatedly misrepresented the state of the economy on “Fox News Sunday,” including that his administration inherited a weak economy from Donald Trump.


During Tuesday’s debate between Fox News’ Neil Cavuto and White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein, the conversation quickly veered from inflation to the overarching negative sentiment of President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy. Shockingly, studies have shown that over four in 10 Americans believe their financial situation has gotten worse since Biden took office, while other polls have revealed that a majority of self-described Democrats don’t support Biden’s nomination – casting serious doubt on his ability to effectively manage our nation’s finances. To make matters worse, as more details emerge about inflation and recession, it starts to look increasingly like there is an effort by Biden to cover up truth and spread disinformation. Whether these lies are being spun maliciously or out of ignorance is debatable, but one thing is certain: it’s clear more than ever that this administration has its priorities all wrong when it comes to protecting our financial future.

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