Blistering Attack! Discover How Mayor Eric Adams Vents Fury At ‘Hijackers’ Of The Democratic Party

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Mayor Eric Adams, a Democrat from New York City, is sounding the alarm over woke Democrats and their hijacking of his party. 

Adams slammed woke activists for using the Democrat party as a tool for advancing an anti-police agenda that is driving immigrants and other groups of people away from registering with the party.

Townhall reports. Mayor Eric Adams (D-NYC) is accusing anti-police progressives of hijacking the Democratic Party. 

Adams said that his party has changed since he joined it, accusing woke Democrats of pushing away minority voters.


During another interview on CNN Mayor Eric Adams stated “ Right here in this city, we have a group that is calling for removing members of their caucus if they don’t sign a pledge to defund the police, That is not who we are as Democrats, and I’m going to continue to stand and state that we are pro-public safety, and we’re pro-proper policing.”

As reported by the Daily News, the caucus required its 35 members to sign a “Statement of Principles,” which includes a pledge to “reduce the size and scope of the NYPD.”

Adams responded that he would not support defunding the police. Instead, he vows to bring growth and jobs to the city. 

Adams stated “What has happened in this country, the numerical minority, they have hijacked the term progressive… I have been progressive all my life, you look at the issues I’ve fought for — from police reform, housing, education — but we’ve allowed a small number that is the loudest and they’ve hijacked the true meaning of the Democratic Party. We are not for defunding the police, we’re not for attacking businesses. We’re for jobs, we’re for growth.”

Adams slammed woke mob liberals who have taken over the Democratic Party in recent years, describing their antics as “outright insanity”. He was especially concerned about how this woke culture has affected the party’s core principles, like immigration, and how it has turned the once Democrat-run New York City into a socialist state. Adams expressed shock at what has become of the Democrat party, saying that any sensible person would be appalled by the amount of money being wasted and the lack of support for law enforcement in his city. It is clear that Adams despises woke influence on the Democrat party and believes it to be nothing more than an overly extreme farce. As it so often seems, Trump was right that even the  most die-hard democrats are sick and tired of the Democrat party moving even further to the left, and leaving behind all of the sensible middle of the road people.

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