Border Patrol Traps Group in El Paso Drainage Tunnels

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Many immigrants who come to America are doing so for a better life. While one can certainly sympathize with their search for opportunity, their methods of fulfilling such needs must always remain legal and respectful. Whether it is entering the country illegally or infringing upon hard-earned rights of American citizens, they must recognize both the courage and peril of such actions done illegally.  None seem to care, they will do whatever necessary.

El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended a shocking group of migrants traversing dangerously through a series of storm drain tunnels leading towards Texas. Thankfully, no one was harmed in this incident, but the risk it posed caused undue alarm among city officials who will now focus on preventing similar occurrences.

Breitbart reports, Border Patrol agents apprehended migrants attempting to sneak into Texas via storm drain tunnels in the El Paso Sector.

Agent Peter Jaquez of the El Paso Sector Chief Patrol tweets photos of migrant groups being apprehended in the city’s storm drain tunnels as they attempt to enter Texas.

The El Paso Station’s Confined Space Entry Team discovered 30 migrants in the drainage tunnels. Migrants were apprehended by the agents and taken to a processing station.

Chief Jaquez did not report the nationality of the migrants.

El Paso agents also disrupted 21 smuggling schemes elsewhere in the sector. A total of 28 human smugglers were arrested as a result of this.

These incidents resulted in the discovery of 154 migrants. Some of those include hiding in pickup truck trunks and being locked in sedan trunks.

Agents at Santa Teresa Station in New Mexico also arrested 19 migrants inside a mobile home stash house. Jaquez tweeted that two Venezuelan migrants were arrested for smuggling and charged under 8 USC 1324.

Illegal immigrants and drug cartels are becoming more creative like last year when a drug tunnel was found.

Angle: Talk about a border under control right, I wonder what a crisis at the border would look like to the Biden Administration. Would violent cartel members have to hurt our border patrol members, massive drug bust have to occur, or maybe millions of illegals sneaking in unnoticed? Oh wait, but that’s not what this is. These are peace break-ins into a country illegally. At least in Democrat rhetoric. These are the kinds of people the Biden administration would love to see vote, after all, they thanked him for letting them in when he became president. 

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