Outrageous Cover-Up? Unmask Fox’s Chilling Findings About 2nd GOP Councilmember Assassinated In NJ

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Hold on to your hats! Networks have been completely silent about the heart-breaking murders of two Republican Councilmembers in New Jersey. Now, Fox News has uncovered a cover up that’s even more outrageous than expected – and you won’t want to miss what they have to say! Join us as we bravely forge ahead with a groundbreaking investigation into this dark chapter in American history and reveal the chilling details behind the back-to-back deaths of NJ’s Republican officials. It’st everything the networks don’t want you to know!

Hypocrisy is nearly impossible to hide anymore, and this latest news concerning Republicans for the second week in a row highlight the evil of the democrats.. Democrats can try and pretend like it never happened, but if this exact same scenario had involved a Democrat instead of a Republican, it would be all over the news with emphasis on how abhorrent it is. This behavior should never happen to any one party.

According to News Buster, the second Republican council member from New Jersey to be killed in the last week was also killed.

This all comes after councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour from Sayreville, New Jersey, was brutally shot and killed outside her townhome on February 1st.

Instead of reporting on the second assassination of a Republican elected official, the three networks reported on local weather forecasts (ABC), a segment on the future of robots (CBS), and racial discrimination in home appraisals (NBC). 

All three evening networks newscasts should have covered this story given all the leftist media’s talk of “attacks on democracy.” Instead, all three ignored it.

Bret Baier on Fox began his opening remarks by expressing shock at the violence targeting Republican elected officials in New Jersey over the past week.

There could potentially be a correlation in these cases but that has yet to be confirmed, but here is what Fox had to say.


The leftist media seemed to care a little more about the first council member because of one thing, and you already know what it is. Regarding the second issue, white supremacy is already one of our greatest threats to society, so why would they bother to discuss it?

The recent murders of two elected members in the state of New Jersey have been met with harrowing silence from the Democrats and their media allies. It is deeply troubling to see this same media praise criminals who resist authorities, yet are unable to spare a moment of honor or even concern for those that actually innocently lost their lives representing their communities but on the wrong side. Instead, they remain silent, ignoring the true atrocity of these senseless crimes. This continues to prove just how low the Democrat Party and the media has sunk in its principles.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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