ALARMING DEVELOPMENT: ‘Spike in Chinese Nationals’ at the Border – Border Patrol Chief Speaks Out

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Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz paints a grim picture of the current situation at the border, with a recent “spike in Chinese nationals” and a reduction in aerostats numbers due to Biden administration cuts.

During a recent interview, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz expressed shock at the spike of Chinese nationals trying to enter the US. Ortiz highlights that this new trend is making it difficult for agents to do their job, despite having a good trend in overall numbers. 

Breitbart reports. During an interview with the Fox News Channel aired on Friday’s broadcast of Special Report, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz stated that the January border numbers represent a trend in the right direction, but there has been an increase in Chinese nationals, and that the aerostats – which are being reduced by the Biden administration – are certainly beneficial to us.

Given the tensions between the United States and China it is shocking to note that thousands of Chinese nationals are crossing the United States and Mexico border.

Recently cameras were present when Chinese nationals were apprehended by the border patrol.

Chinese citizens seeking to flee oppressive regimes and cross illegally into the U.S. are a “perfect opportunity” for the communist party to smuggle in its agents, a China expert said.

Gordon Chang, who has authored books about China stated “There is deep pessimism in Chinese society and that is driving people to leave the country they are desperate.”

In the same period last fiscal year — which included January — Border Patrol apprehensions of Chinese nationals crossing illegally into the U.S. increased by more than 800%, a senior Customs and Border Protection source told Fox News.

China’s “zero COVID” strategy, which included strict lockdowns, mass testing, quarantines, and contact tracing, was the initial driving force behind Chinese citizens seeking refuge abroad. 

“They just found it unbearable,” Chang statead. 

Chang also cites a contracting Chinese economy and plummeting property prices as reasons people are leaving.

CBP data shows that there were 1,862 encounters with Chinese nationals between October, when the fiscal year began, and the end of December, compared to 229 during the same period last year. In December, there were 931 Chinese nationals encountered, compared to 64 in December 2021.

Amid the spike of Chinese crossing the U.S. border, the Department of Homeland Security is monitoring closely for potential Chinese spies and other national security threats.

Despite good trend in border numbers, Chief Raul Ortiz of the Border Patrol has expressed shock and concern at the “spike in Chinese nationals” trying to enter the U.S. He also highlighted the plummeting number of aerostats quoted as an “advantage for us,” that is being reduced by Biden’s administration. Such a move by Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is absolutely unacceptable if they are truly concerned about national security and want to prevent a possible chinese invasion. Clearly, Mayorkas needs to quit or be held responsible before it’s too late.

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