Don Lemon Terrified After Cameras Catch Elon Musk’s Surprising Super Bowl Seatmate!

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The SuperBowl had plenty of surprises, but what happened with Elon Musk and his surprising seatmate had Don Lemon in a state of panic. After catching a glimpse of the unlikely pair at the event, Lemon stepped back and exclaimed, I’m “frightened!” He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Elon Musk’s seatmate. There’s no denying it: Don Lemon was totally rattled by his sighting.

At the 2023 Super Bowl, the sight of Elon Musk, Rupert Murdoch, and Elisabeth Murdoch gathered together struck fear into the heart of hack CNN host Don Lemon. The trio were in a State Farm Stadium skybox during the third quarter of the match between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, which was captured on camera by Fox Sports cameras.

It must have been quite the sight to elicit such fear out of the seasoned propagandist, as Rupert is the chief executive of both Fox Corp. and News Corp., whereas Musk is the new owner of Twitter. Clearly these individuals don’t need any more clout or money, but who can deny them the satisfaction gained from seeing their enemies get nervous?

While it may have been a shock to many viewers that new Twitter CEO was sitting with none other than Rupert Murdoch, CNN anchor Don Lemon might do better to direct his attention elsewhere – namely the tanking ratings of his own network and his failing morning show.

After the clip went viral Elon joked with one Twitter user and said he was talking about “Dogecoin.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was triggered too tweeting, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Decoding Fox News was clearly triggered by this clip.

After seeing that they tweeted, “The announcers call Elon Musk and Rupert Murdoch brilliant then immediately declare WHY they called Murdoch brilliant.  Good to know the owner of this platform is hobnobbing with the head a right-wing propaganda machine.  Politically independent or fascist?”

Dash Dobrofsky, suffering from a serious bout of delusion tweeted, “Elon Musk is at the Super Bowl with Rupert Murdoch. Two non-American right wing billionaires who use their money and power to help fascists win elections.”

Don Lemon, AOC and other liberals were clearly triggered into panic when they saw the power trio of Elon Musk, Rupert Murdoch, and Elisabeth Murdoch all gathered together at the 2023 Super Bowl. This collective has more wealth and influence than any one person could imagine. The sight of them in a skybox at State Farm Stadium was even more than Don Lemon and his ilk could bear – with Musk running Twitter, Rupert running Fox Corp and New Corp there’s certainly no question that this group rules in their own realm. As for Don Lemon perhaps he should find other things to worry about – like CNN’s continually dropping ratings – rather than focus on the wealthy few who sustain their position exercising their right to free speech.

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Next News Network Team

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