Shockwaves Across Capitol As President Biden Fires Trump’s “Architect of the Capitol”

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 After a whirlwind of coverage in the news and an investigation into Blanton’s actions, Biden finally made an executive decision on a government employee who was accused of misusing resources.

Yet another example of misuse from those in positions of power, highlighting how hard-fought your tax dollars must be for our elected officials to keep them safe.

Daily wire reports, Since last year, when an inspector general report outlined a number of misconduct allegations against Blanton, who oversees Capitol Hill’s operation and maintenance, he has faced mounting criticism. In addition to misuse of a government-owned vehicle and waste of taxpayer money, Blanton has also been accused of mismanagement and waste of taxpayer money. He was also accused of misrepresenting himself as a law enforcement officer.


As Blanton testified under oath last week before the House Administration Committee about the watchdog’s findings, he further stoked lawmakers’ ire. According to Blanton, it was not “prudent” for him to not drive to work on January 6, 2021, when a crowd breached the Capitol during a meeting by Congress to certify Biden’s victory in 2020.

According to an inspector general report, Blanton mistreated many U.S. taxpayer funded resources, including improperly using official vehicles to drive all around the Washington region, as well as to South Carolina and Florida, and impersonating a law enforcement officer after a family member was hit and run.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy demanded that Blanton be fired from his job stating “The Architect of the Capitol, Brett Blanton, no longer has my confidence to continue in his job, He should resign or President Biden should remove him immediately.”

Following the investigation into Blanton’s actions President Biden unceremoniously terminated him from his position.

A statement was released from the White House regarding his firing “After doing our due diligence, the Architect of [the] Capitol was terminated at the President’s direction”

Joe Biden has fired Brett Blanton, the Architect of the Capitol, following accusations of misuse and theft of government resources which had finally reached the ears of Congress and resulted in a scathing 90 minute session. Both Republicans and Democrats cheered as the White House made its announcement to fire Mr Blanton effective at 5pm. This episode is a shocking reminder of just how Soviet-style corruption can creep up and be allowed to fester unhindered until action comes from on high. Wow indeed. You’re fired!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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