BIZZARE: Damar Hamlin BREAKS SILENCE with 7 Cryptic Words on Heart Failure – Questions Follow

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Damar Hamlin raises more questions than he answers as he breaks a 9-second silence, uttering just 7 cryptic words in response to a direct question about his heart failure. Is Pfizer responsible? Has the drug giant silenced another victim? The NFL? With no response offered by Damar himself, we are left struggling to understand why he refuses to discuss the incident publicly and wondering if we will ever get any answers. 

What should have been a regular, run-of-the-mill play on Jan. 2, ended up being anything but for Buffalo Bills safety, Damar Hamlin. After tackling Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins in the first quarter, Hamlin stood up briefly and then inexplicably collapsed.

During his Good Morning America interview with Michael Strahan, Hamlin’s 9-second silence following the question about what doctors told him was unmistakable.

The conversation took an eerie turn as viewers wondered why he hesitated to respond and whether or not he was purposely avoiding a direct answer.

Although we can only speculate his reason for not answering right away, it is clear that with such a spotlight on him and such an important topic at hand, it is necessary for Hamlin to provide an explanation while the eyes of the world are upon him.

Whatever happened to him could either be a warning sign to others, or may even save lives if he speaks out – regardless of if it was related or unrelated to the controversial vaccine. Silence in this situation implies complicity no matter what the truth may be.

The safety of the Covid-19 vaccines is one of the most discussed topics in recent days, but when NFL star Damar Hamlin had a heart attack on the field during Monday Night Football, it pushed speculation further. Many have theorized that in part or wholly Damar’s event was caused by his having accepted the NFL’s mandate.

There’s an alarming number of athletes young and otherwise healthy collapsing or dying suddenly which has prompted many to ask if there’s something to getting the “Fauci Ouchie”.

Such as Bryson Gray who tweeted, “Damar Hamlin says that he wants to “stay away from” answering questions about what happened to him on the field since he was in perfect health. I think we all know what that means.”

@JerichoFell tweeted, “I get the impression that Mr. Hamlin is being paid an obscene amount of money for his silence in this. WAY more than he would have made over the next 5 years in the NFL. If it were “commotio cordis” …or whatever…wouldn’t he be speaking out on that?”

@LainieandHarry tweeted, “Under contract with the NFL. Seems like he’s telling people without actually saying it out loud.”

@ApotterDrew tweeted, “He certainly did NOT say that it was commotio cordis.”

I think I found the reason why we didn’t get an answer.

Damar Hamlin’s silence calls his entire experience into question. We might never know for certain what his relationship is with Pfizer, NFL or his unexpected health issues related to his heart failure. Still, his silence speaks volumes. He’s telling us what happened, without even saying a word – but this leaves more questions than answers. We cannot turn a blind eye to this story as it may be stealthily warning us of something more sinister at work; maybe even providing ways of saving lives if we knew the true details. This could be connected to the vaccine controversy or completely unrelated, but his attempts at staying silent imply complicity and raises the collective need to find out the truth.  If we ever want resolution, then Damar Hamlin needs to speak out and stop his star-crossed attempt at remaining silent and take a stand for transparency!

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Next News Network Team

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