Elon Musk Shows Up At Globalist Summit, CRUSHES Their Plot To Control Humanity Right to their Faces

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Elon Musk shook the global political landscape with a powerful address at the Globalists’ own summit. This is the last thing they wanted to hear – Musk took control of their own platform, lashing out against their secretive plan for world domination, and laying bare each and every blow he was striking against it.

This was no mere speech – this was an unrepentant effort to obliterate the Globalists’ plans before their very eyes! This shocking display has rightly left humanity abuzz with excitement – after all, what better way to witness history being made than in real time? Tune into this momentous event to see Elon Musk take down the Globalists.

There is no midwit in Chief Twit Elon Musk.

In Dubai, Musk addressed the World Government Summit on Wednesday. Musk attacked the idea of a one-world government in a video conference while defending nationalism and sovereignty.

In a speech to more than 150 leaders, Tesla founder Elon Musk advised them to be cautious about the dangers of too much cooperation. He argued that if countries merged under a world government and created a single civilization, the entire world could face disaster if that system collapsed.

Musk went on to praise what he deemed “civilizational diversity.”

Based on historical examples, the free-speech billionaire argued that cultures have been protected by heterogeneity in the past.

In response to his remarks circulating on Twitter afterwards, Musk commented that it “Seemed like the right venue” to make such an argument. 

Additionally, Musk detailed how Twitter under his leadership seeks to uphold local laws without imposing a progressive worldview synonymous with The Bay area where the company is headquartered.

The previous leaders of the social media platform believed it was their duty to be the arbiter of truth while pushing certain narratives. By imposing an arguably woke worldview on everyone under the guise of protecting against disinformation, Twitter previously stifled free speech. Through the internet, they attempted to impose a “one world government” on the whole world.

Twitter should be a place of free thought and citizen journalism – where people can be entertained and informed – according to Musk.

Elon Musk made an epic and savage appearance at the Globalist Summit this week, delivering a speech that had many truth-seeking patriots cheering worldwide. His message was clear: the idea of a one-world government is dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. This has been something many have said for years but often not in such a public and prominent setting. With his powerful words, Elon Musk forced these leaders to take notice – he had to say it, no one else could have the same impact.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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