MUST SEE! The Internet Fires Back with FORCE at Bill Clinton’s EPIC FAIL Valentine’s Day Post

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The backlash against Bill Clinton’s Valentine’s Day EPIC FAIL was instantaneous! The collective fury of The Internet was unleashed with unmatched force – an unstoppable deluge of outrage, disappointment and downright hilarious reactions that flooded social media. The memes started flying fast and furious, leaving no room to doubt that this catastrophic holiday fail would not be forgotten anytime soon. The VERY BEST of the best online reactions to Bill Clinton’s #VDayFail are out there waiting to be discovered, so strap in – you’re about to witness the power of The Internet in full force!

Bill Clinton underestimated the trolling abilities of his detractors on social media. A photo of him and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton he shared on Valentine’s Day was criticized. 

In retrospect, it may not be wise for a person to draw attention to their relationship when they have one of the most scandalous affairs in history.

In a post that showed an image of the couple when they were younger, Bill Clinton wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever Valentine!”

The comments started flowing in quickly.

Kimberly Morin commented, “Other than when your valentine is another woman, right Bill?”

Another person added, “Were you thinking about her when you flew to Epstein’s Island time after time after time? By the way, you looked better in that blue dress than she would have!”

Another said, “Monica would like to have a word.”

The band Five Times August said, “Out of all the pictures he could have chosen he picked the scan with the awkward curly hair on Hillary’s face that they didn’t even bother airbrushing out What a bunch of weirdos.”

And another said, “Remember when you cheated on her while you were the President of the United States and got impeached because of it. Seems like she wasn’t your forever then bro. Curious.”

Bill Clinton’s Valentine’s photo of himself and Hillary rightfully drew considerable backlash from the Internet. Given his long-running affair with Monica Lewinsky, he should have realized that posting an intimate photo  of him and his wife on the year’s most romantic holiday would be highly controversial. As a result, people immediately started trolling him on social media and memes galore soon followed. This Epic FAIL was yet another demonstration of his irresponsibility as a husband, leader and role model. What Bill Clinton failed to realize was that despite the years passing since the scandal broke out, people would never forget how poorly he had treated the woman he vowed to love and respect.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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