WHOOPS! Biden SLIPS With “RACIST” Remark In the Middle of Black History Month – Is He Sorry?

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This week has been a wild ride for President Joe Biden and his alleged dementia. Just when it seemed surreal enough, history is repeating itself with Biden again accused of uttering a potentially racist remark. 

President Biden’s dementia and his use of an unacceptable racial slur to refer to Maryland Gov. Wes Moore has sparked outrage amongst the nation. Not only was it an unforgivable offense, but it also casts light on a pattern of similar behavior. 

Fox news reports, in his opening remarks to IBEW union workers on Wednesday, President Biden referred to Maryland Gov. Wes Moore as “boy”.

Moore, who played wide receiver on the John Hopkins University football team as a student, was elected governor of Maryland in a landslide last November. He is 44-years-old. 


“Boy” in the wrong context is racially derogatory towards Black men. During the Jim Crow era, Whites often referred to Black men – regardless of their age – as “boys” to belittle them and affirm their superiority.

This however was not the first time Biden referred to a black man as “boy”, in 2021 Biden made the racial slip up during a FEMA press conference.

Dom Lucre tweeted “Not only has Biden failed to take appropriate responsibility for how he has damaged the black community, but he continues to spout racist terms as president. On August 30, 2021 he called a black adviser “boy” during a Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) briefing.”

Biden has a very very long history with using racist terms, and making derogatory statements against the black community. 

Outrage has been stirred up after President Biden’s dementia-induced slip at Wednesday’s address of union workers. In referring to Maryland Gov Wes Moore, who is Black as “boy”, Biden’s remarks were seen as a racist slur and insensitive in nature. The political arena was split between people viewing it as an unforgivable offense and those hoping it was a dementia-inspired gaffe; either way, the controversy surrounding Joe Biden’s potentially crazy remarks reflects his lack of awareness regarding contemporary cultural norms such as woke politics. As such, many are calling for Joe Biden to apologize for his mistake and be held to the same standards he would want applied to himself. With his dementia advancing by the day, this is certainly not going to be the last time President Biden causes both controversy and outrage with his words.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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