MUST SEE! Hot Mic CATCHES Creepy Joe Making “Parentless” Playdate with 4 Yr Old Child of Lawmaker

A 4-year-old daughter of a Congressman was invited to visit Joe Biden at the White House without parental supervision.
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A 4-year-old daughter of a Congressman was invited to visit Joe Biden at the White House without parental supervision.

Newspunch reports, the Congressman asked Biden whether his young daughter could attend this year’s Easter egg hunt.

Biden, who can’t seem to keep his hands to himself around young girls, took advantage of the opportunity to begin maneuvering the father out of the way. Biden said, “She can come, with or without you. Then we’ll take care of her.”

A hot mic caught the moment. Watch HERE.

A spate of disturbing incidents involving the president has prompted parents and anti-pedophile groups to demand that DC police investigate Joe Biden’s inappropriate behavior while around children.

A deeper dive into Biden’s pattern of behavior reveals serious doubts about the man’s character, despite his defenders’ claims he is simply too “handy” at times.

Just a couple of months ago, Biden held a handshake for nearly a minute with a young woman following a pro-abortion rally. He grabbed her hand and rubbed her face before not letting go of her for an entire minute.

In October, Biden placed his arm on a young woman’s shoulder and gave her some creepy dating advice. The girl looked very uncomfortable.

And at the White House Halloween event, a video showed Biden rubbing a young child’s back before approaching and kissing the child.

During an event earlier last year, Biden asked an entire group of kids if he can “talk to them later.”

And before that, Biden was caught fawning over a little girl in the audience of an event, complimenting her “barrettes” and acknowledging that she “sat like a lady.”

Joe Biden’s creepy behavior has once again been caught on a hot mic. This time, a Congressman had asked Biden if his 4-year-old daughter could attend the White House for the Easter egg hunt, and Biden replied that she could come with or without her father. This kind of creepy overture is unacceptable, and hints at something not right with Biden. When it comes to ‘Creepy Joe’, it’s time to hide your kids because something is amiss. We need to examine this man more closely: as anyone who attempts to maneuver parents out of the way to get closer to their 4-year old child should never be in a place of power.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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