BREAKING: Unprecedented ‘Direct-Hit’ Solar Storm Headed Straight For Us!

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It’s on its way; the earth is about to take a direct hit from an unprecedented solar storm! An alert was just issued by NOAA and its message is loud and clear: prepare for massive, potentially catastrophic consequences. With its unstoppable force headed straight for us, it’s time to ask yourself….are you prepared for darkness? Watch this video for the full story and all the details about what could potentially be one of the most destructive events in our lifetime.

Thursday morning’s announcement from NOAA is alarming as we brace ourselves for an enormous solar storm that is expected to strike Earth.

The K-5 index rating, a score out of nine, is the minimum needed to issue an alert – and precedence is already set with an incoming G2 storm on February 18th.

We are hearing news of satellite disruptions, power grid fluctuations, and far reaching auroras that can be seen in the night sky as far south as Michigan and Maine.

We urge all people to take proper precautions and preparation as this serious event nears.

Alarm bells are ringing – space weather physicist Tamitha Skov has shared details that indicate Earth is in for a direct hit starting partway through Friday afternoon.

Advanced warning systems predict that this event could cause major reception issues with Amateur radio and GPS signals, while high-latitude power systems are likely to experience voltage alarms and satellite orientation issues on Saturday.

While these next few days could spell trouble for communication and power systems in many places around the world, this forewarning gives us time to brace ourselves for the worst of it.

Just a month ago, our ability to predict solar storms was severely limited; in many cases we couldn’t forecast them until a few hours prior. To make matters worse, it’s unclear if the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration even utilized the latest advancements in technology when trying to anticipate stormy weather from the sun.

This is an incredibly serious issue, for the most extreme cases of solar storms possess the potential to eradicate all electrical devices on Earth. The fact that we have so little time to prepare for such storms is extremely alarming – we need to stay vigilant and proactive in order to protect ourselves from destruction!

February has seen an eruption of solar storm activity, including one X-class solar flare. These events come with an additional cause for alarm – the potential release of coronal mass ejection particles. Unfortunately, these particles can greatly damage oversight and communication systems such as satellites, cellular networks, and internet services, along with more vulnerable electronics like pacemakers and supercomputers. Fortunately, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is aware of the situation, though vigilance remains key to minimizing associated risks. Luckily we have their watchful eye keeping guard – but it is still worrying to be reminded of how unpredictable our planet can be.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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