Cuomo’s SHOCKING Confession: “I Was Gonna Kill Everybody” – His Plan For A Killing Rampage Revealed!

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It’s a story like no other – a CNN anchor, fired after a scandal-ridden season rocked the network. But what happened next? Unbelievably, Chris Cuomo was planning to go on a killing rampage! After the firing consumed him and he lost the security of his role at CNN, this trusted newsman strayed to an unbelievable plan – to kill everybody, even himself. 

Insiders are shocked; nobody expected Chris Cuomo to consider such drastic measures. It is one of the darkest stories yet in the world of journalism. Was Cuomo actually planning to go on a killing spree after darkly saying “I was gonna kill everybody,” upon his firing from CNN?  This chilling confession has given a whole new meaning to ‘darkest secret.’ What could have happened if Cuomo’s dark plan unfolded? One thing is certain is that Chris Cuomo revealed his most SHOCKING secret yet.

Fox Reports, Chris Cuomo, former CNN anchor, spoke out about how grim his outlook was following his exit in 2021.

Cuomo spoke about his inner turmoil after he was “s–t-canned” by CNN following multiple scandals on Anthony Scaramucci’s “Open Book” podcast.

After being found to have been involved in the sexual harassment scandal plaguing his brother, ousted Democratic New York governor Andrew Cuomo, CNN benched him. In spite of suggesting otherwise to viewers, the host actively advised Andrew Cuomo behind the scenes.

Fredo then found his way over to “News Nation” where he expected to make a new start.

Unfortunately for him, no one really watched him there either, as the ratings for his program were dismal compared to other cable news programs. Cuomo stated that being out of the public eye was a “living hell” for him and he felt like an “outcast.”

Cuomo’s debut on “Newsnation” was a ratings disaster. Spongebob Squarepants even beat him in a critical demographic. Reruns on NewsNation of syndicated shows including “Blue Bloods,” “Paw Patrol,” “SpongeBob,” “Seinfeld,” “Cocomelon,” “The Office,” and “Bob’s Burgers” all attracted more 25-54 year olds than his premiere.

Nielsen Media Research reports that CNN star Cuomo’s new show “Cuomo” on NewsNation drew just 147,000 viewers on its opening night, according to the New York Post.

Despite his radical attempt to appear as a cool-headed centrist in his new show, we know he is anything but. It was he who towed the democrat party line and spewed state-sponsored propaganda against President Trump for years.

We will never forget this moment – when Cuomo revealed he is far from cool-headed.

How about when FREDO got privileged information from the New York State Executive Chamber when his brother was governor? All of that was detailed in Letitia James’ report on the multiple sexual harassment allegations against Andrew Cuomo. This is what ultimately led to FREDO’s firing from CNN.

What about when he staged his “official” departure from quarantine? When Cuomo was inspecting properties, he got into an argument with a guy on the road. CNN ignored this news and continued to portray him as if he had never left the basement.

It’s an unbelievably tragic tale – a beloved CNN anchor steps away in scandal, only to return to the spotlight with a dark secret. After his firing from CNN and subsequent gig at News Nation, Chris Cuomo has been revealed to have contemplated a horrendous killing spree in the aftermath of his termination. Fredo then went off to join ‘News Nation’, in an attempt to start over; yet even there his ratings are dismal compared to the other cable news programs. This deeply troubling news speaks to the power of unchecked rage and alludes to the darkness that can consume us, if left unrestrained. Fortunately, let’s pray that he never resorts to such extremes once he gets fired from News Nation. After all, sometimes you can only take life one step at a time, and it’s crucial we continue our journey forward with caution as not to let an uncontrollable temper spiral out of control – like Chris Cuomo’s story warns us.

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