JD Vance is FURIOUS After Learning The FAA’s WOKE Plan that Will LEad To Even More DISASTERS

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A radical agenda has been proposed in the aviation industry and freshman senator JD Vance is determined to put an end to it. Left-wing politicians are trying to destroy an industry that’s already struggling because of the incompetence of this administration and congress must put a stop to it before it’s too late.

Sen. J.D. Vance  recently pushed back against FAA commissioner Billy Nolen’s assertion that the agency’s 2023 budget would focus on increasing racial equity and inclusivity of language. Vance argued about the lack of importance that is to the field of aviation and pointed out that maybe it should be focused on its current struggles.

Town Hall reports, Senator J.D. Vance challenged FAA commissioner Billy Nolen after he announced the FAA’s 2023 budget would emphasize “racial equality” and “language inclusivity.”

The agency proposed in 2021 replacing masculine terms like “airman” and “cockpit” with “gender-neutral” terms like “aviator” and “flight deck.”

Vance asked the FAA Commissioner, “did the FAA issue a 176-page guidance document changing notices to airmen to notices of air mission in December of 2021?”

Nolen confirmed the change in his reply.

Next, the senator eviscerated the commissioner by asking the following questions.

Let’s TAKE A LOOK AT the exchange

After such a liberal answer by the commissioner, Vance pivoted to address the feeling that was discussed at the FAA summit.

Wow! The feelings of pilots are more critical than their actual readiness. Nice to know.

Vance then embarked on an epic rant about how they suggested removing the term WIFE from aviation.

Angle: JD Vance is exactly right on this issue. The Federal Aviation Administration should be focused on finding personnel that are both incredibly capable and reliable rather than pleasing a politically-driven agenda. When making a hire, skills should remain the number one priority. It is absolutely no secret that our aviation industry is currently experiencing an extreme shortage of pilots- the answer is not to fill those spots with people who think with their feelings. After all, Biden appointed the secretary of transportation based on inclusivity and look at the chaos he has created.

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