‘Civil War’?: Former MSNBC Host Goes On Insane Tirade About Guns

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The insanity of Keith Olbermann’s call for an ‘economic civil war’ against red states to reduce gun violence has caused shockwaves throughout the country. His suggestion that Democrats should wage a punitive economic attack against the conservative states to adhere to their liberal anti-gun policies was seen as extreme and unamerican, highlighting the frustration of many on the left who have now resorted to hate speech and woke mob tactics. 

Keith Olbermann, a former MSNBC host and prominent figure in the woke mob, has recklessly called for an ‘economic civil war’ to be waged against red states over gun violence. 

Townhall reports. One thing worth mentioning about this tirade is that Keith Olbermann is still alive. A former MSNBC, ESPN, and Current TV host took to Twitter to proclaim his solution to reduce gun violence.

In order to starve red states, Olbermann called for an ‘economic civil war’ against them. Does this violate the Constitution? Yes, but Olbermann doesn’t seem to care. This man urged the intelligence community from foreign nations to leak damning information to facilitate Trump’s departure.

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The first reply to Olbermann’s tweet showed up from Kimberly stating “ Bring it Cuck. It’ll be a good time”

Olberman has a long, long history of going on utterly unhinged rants against conservatives, and he launched into one of his rants after Doxxing Elon’s family.

Fox news reports.  Olbermann, who has attacked everyone with whom he disagrees for many years, was suspended for using their accounts to dox Elon Musk’s family. Olbermann did not take the ban particularly well.

The Twitter account of his dog charity was disgraced after he launched a broadside against “Elon Muskleone”.

In an NHL jersey and unshaven, Olbermann compared Musk to fictional mob bosses in The Godfather.


Musk said these individuals posted his exact location, basically assassination coordinates, in violation of Twitter’s terms.

In subsequent tweets, the Musk clarified that these suspensions were only temporary, not intended to last more than “7 days.”

The insanity of Keith Olbermann’s call for an ‘economic civil war’ against Red states is indicative of the un-American hate speech emanating from the woke mob and liberal policies. This man believes that foreign intelligence agencies should leak information to facilitate Trump’s exit, which has no basis in reality or practicality and only serves his own agenda. It goes without saying that his suggestion is beyond reproach and further confirms the insanity that pervades within certain circles of the left. One can only hope this toxic rhetoric will not become mainstream and lead to anything resembling a civil war. But just keep in mind that the woke media outlets would be having meltdowns if Trump said anything close to this.

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