ESCALATION ALERT: Biden’s Surprise As Kamala Unleashes Declaration On Russia, Russia Responds!

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The Biden administration has made some big declarations in the last few days, rapidly escalating an already tense political climate to a new level and bringing us another step closer to global suicide, even with his surprise visit to Ukraine today to make sure his money laundering operation is going according to plan. Now, Americans all over the country, witness Kamala Harris unleashing a pretext to strike Putin with a US declaration on Russia for crimes against humanity.

And to make matters worse, the UK reportedly followed with a more extreme form of intervention, announcing plans to provide Ukraine with ‘longer range weapons’.

President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine this morning to check on his money laundering operation before he could be bothered to visit the disaster zone of East Palestine, Ohio. To the sound of air raid sirens, Biden reportedly announced a half-billion dollar in U.S. financial assistance, including howitzer shells, anti-tank missiles, air surveillance radars, and other aid, but no new advanced weapons.

Now, China has accused us of excessively using force over the balloon fiasco and stated that no apology would be given for their violation – even as Biden’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned China of giving ‘lethal aid’ to Russia. With tensions high between Beijing, Moscow and the West, is World War 3 on the horizon?

It seems so.

The United States has formally declared that Russia has committed crimes against humanity in Ukraine, according to Vice President Kamala Harris. The announcement was made at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, and it comes as tensions between the two countries continue to escalate.

This wasn’t just rhetoric. The US State Dept formally issued the declaration on February 18th

The U.S.’s determination comes after years of conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which began in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea and continued to escalate as Russian-backed separatists fought Ukrainian forces in eastern Ukraine.

Harris’ announcement was met with criticism from Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov, who accused the U.S. of fueling the conflict with its accusations of crimes against humanity and said that it is actually the primary source of international conflict in the region.

Meanwhile, Secretary Blinken used his time at the conference to focus on China’s role in supporting Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine and other countries around the world. On “CBS Face The Nation” He warned that China is providing lethal support to Russia which could lead to further destabilization if not addressed soon by global leaders.

Rishi Sunak, British Prime Minister, further ratcheted up the escalation in comments he made on Saturday at the Munich Security Conference saying the United Kingdom will be the first state to provide Ukraine with “longer-range weapons” for its war with Russia.

Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine is alarming, especially because he’s there when he should be checking in on the American’s suffering in Ohio. But Harris’ declaration, that Russia has committed “Crimes Against Humanity”  is remarkable in its ability to create a pretext for the UN and NATO nations to justify a preemptive strike against Russia should they decide to do so. In particular, it could be used to support the possibility of a preventative attack by the United States or NATO in order to preempt further Russian aggression outside of Ukraine. This is an unprecedented move as it serves as an indication that the UN would, at least tacitly, agree with such preemption without any reprimand from its member nations. Ultimately, this declaration has opened up unpredictable possibilities and should be treated with extreme caution so as not to risk inadvertently starting a war.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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