Hunter Biden: LIFE-CHANGING Moment As District of Columbia Bar Drops The Hammer

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It appears that one state has decided it’s time for Hunter Biden to face the music and pay the price of his actions. This week, news broke that a major blow was dealt to Biden with the possibility of some accountability on the horizon. This brings hope that some accountability might be possible.

Hunter Biden’s law license recently came into question when it was suspended in the state of Connecticut. This raises many questions, especially since Biden has used his law license to propel forward his career in international business opportunities, including a large deal secured from the chairman of CEFC China Energy Company. 

Trending politics reports, Connecticut has suspended Hunter Biden’s law license.

Through his law license, Biden promoted his international interests, including receiving a $1 million retainer from CEFC China Energy Company in 2017.

It is mandatory for lawyers to pay $75 to the Client Security Fund, which is required in order to practice law. Hunter did not pay the fee. The troubled member of the Biden political family has had his license suspended before. In fact, it’s the third time. Previously, he failed to pay the required state fee for attorneys licensed in the state on both occasions.

According to Breitbart, the current suspension of Hunter Biden’s Connecticut law license is linked to the address on record, which is located at the House of Sweden in Washington, D.C. In 2017.

CBS did a detailed breakdown of the corruption.

It has been reported that Hunter is still able to practice law in Washington, DC, despite confusion regarding his membership in the District of Columbia Bar.

Hunter Biden does not appear to be practicing law at the moment, particularly in light of his drug use and exploitation of his family’s connections..

Hunter’s passing of the bar should come as an incredible shock to all. It’s no wonder that his father called him “the smartest man he knows,” perhaps proving he had been underestimated this entire time. After the news broke about Hunter using his law license to launder money with the CCP, it became clear that a revocation of this license should have been in order. Disturbingly, members of this family managed to put up a façade and fool everyone around them for years. However just knowing how prevalent corruption is among government officials, it isn’t entirely out-of-the-realm of possibility that they may also have some dealings they’d rather not make public.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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