Mayoral Madness: Critic Accused Of Racism For Opposing Proposed Traffic Violation Changes

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Chicago Mayoral candidate Ja’mal Green recently made waves when he accused a critic of his proposed liberal policies to restructure traffic and parking violations of racism; bringing the liberal hell hole of Chicago crime ridden liberal policies back into the limelight. 

As multiple candidates compete in the press and social media for the future of Chicago, each with more radical proposals to further burden the already failing city with more idiotic policies, Chicago is caught in the middle of a battle for its future.

Daily caller reports, Mayoral candidate Ja’Mal Green accused a critic of racism for criticizing one of his proposed policies to restructure traffic and parking enforcement.

On February 17, Green tweeted that Chicago should “reimagine” how it handles tickets and fines for drivers. This would include eliminating giving drivers multiple tickets, eliminating some speeding rules, nixing red light cameras, and abolishing car boots.

Within a few hours, a Twitter user named Brandon Johnson Lane Creature asked, what the hell is going on here?

Green claimed the tweet was motivated by “racism and privilege.” He stated Black Chicagoans owed a billion dollars because of the city’s predatory enforcement policies.

Because the critics weren’t black or brown, he dismissed online criticism of his policies.

But brandon Johnson Lane was not done he tweeted back at Green “how will allowing speeding near school zones make those neighborhoods safer, Ja’mal?”

Guy tweeted at Green stating “ Can you explain how red light and speed camera are racist? I haven’t heard that before.”

In a recent interview with the Chicago Tribune, Green talked about a policy proposal to attach a 1% sales tax on vehicles that cost $75,000 or more to replace the revenue estimated to be lost by overhauling the city’s parking enforcement system by eliminating parking boots and red light camera violations.

Green stated “Booting is inhumane. It should be illegal. Folks are getting driven into poverty. … You double the ticket. There’s an extra $100 boot fee. You take the vehicle. Now, you have a fee for seizing [and storing] that vehicle.” Green said to the Chicago Tribune, “With just a couple of tickets, you’re at $1,000 or $1,500. A lot of people don’t have that type of money. It increases each and every day to the point where they just say, ‘Forget it’ and file for bankruptcy. It’s insane.”

Green’s liberal suggestion to “reimagine” how the city handles tickets and fines for drivers includes eliminating multiple tickets, speeding rules, red light cameras and car boots – practically making the liberal hell hole of Chicago a dream town! Although Green attempted to soften the bad rap liberal policies have consistently failed to fix in Chicago’s crime ridden streets, it was widely conjectured if this was an attempt at fanning the flames of liberal rhetoric or just an outlier. With mayor Lori Lightfoot already failing at her multiple attempts at repairing lawlessness in Chicago, perhaps this unconventional suggestion could be a last ditch effort to finally implement the last steps of the woke agenda.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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