Watch Now! Unstoppable Greg Abbot Unleashes Aggressive New Warning Against Incoming Migrants

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Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, has launched an aggressive warning against the potential incoming inflow of undocumented migrants. In order to protect the state from any potential threats, Greg Abbott has unveiled a bold new plan for keeping Texas safe; it is a drastic and decisive measure that could have potentially far-reaching consequences should it pass.

With the change in administration came the elimination of four border policies that had kept illegal crossings to a historic low, resulting almost immediately in a massive surge in illegal immigration.

Texas has risen to the challenge and declared a state of emergency at its borders to address this unprecedented situation.

Experts estimate that, without Title 42, as many as 18,000 people could be crossing the US-Mexico border illegally every day – more than six million every year.

This represents an enormous threat to national security that requires immediate response from government policy makers at all levels of government.

A message is being sent: stay away from the United States’ border and out of Texas and strong measures will be taken to keep individuals from crossing into the US through Texas.

Texas Governor Abbott’s emergency address on the border crisis made one thing crystal clear: Texas is playing a major role in the effort to protect America from potentially dangerous criminals. As part of this effort, Texas has deployed the Texas National Guard to prevent illegal border crossings more than any other state in US history. Furthermore, The Texas Department of Public Safety have arrested 25,000 criminals at the border who had previously gotten past Border Patrol. Their crucial role in preventing these individuals from entering the US and potentially posing a serious danger cannot be overstated.

It is overwhelmingly evident that Texas is making an enormous commitment to securing the safety of its citizens by acting bravely and decisively on this issue.

Governor Abbott’s made it clear: the future of Texas and our entire country depends on DPS doing their job. He highlighted that the agency has been successful in its efforts to combat powerful Mexican drug cartels and fight against the influx of fentanyl into our communities. DPS even managed to seize enough of the lethal opioid to kill every person in the US! These are not hollow words; Abbott has declared these organizations as terrorists, providing Texas law enforcement with the means and authority to decimate them. 

We must all get behind DPS, for the security not only of our state, but for America as a whole.

Abbott continued to stand firm on his stance to exploit Sanctuary Cities, such as New York City, by initiating a busing operation in order to relieve the small border town of Del Rio of the influx of migrants dropped off by Border Patrol. In response, these migrants were bussed off to self-identified Sanctuary cities across the US. However, New York City, which had previously criticized Texas for busing migrants in its direction, ended up busing them instead to Canada.

This demonstrates the urgent need for decisive action from states and cities that are able to make an impact on immigration policies across the country.

Governor Abbott then highlighted two salient points related to the construction of Texas’ border wall. For starters, Texas is the first US state to build its own border wall, a project that was initiated after securing land from private landowners in order to expedite the process. In fact, there’s a chance that by the end of this year more border wall will have been added to Texas than what was accomplished in the Trump Administration over four years.

This uniquely Texan response to national security issues is an important reminder that time and resources are of the essence when it comes to protecting our shared border.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott turned the knife in Joe Biden’s back indicating that the state must now independently manage its own borders due to inaction from the Federal government. In order to protect the safety and security of Texans, two state legislators are actively engaged on the issue, providing comprehensive analyses and reports. Both legislative leaders are fully dedicated to finding whatever solutions are necessary and are committed to ensuring Texas is taking action to defend against any threats coming across its borders and safeguarding Texans.

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, has taken decisive action in order to protect the citizens of his state. He has issued a message loud and clear – if you’re thinking of crossing the border into Texas, you’d better think again! Abbott’s new plan is an aggressive measure that could have lasting ramifications, so it’s best not to mess with the Lone Star State! This decisive step shows that he means business and is determined to keep Texans safe from any potential threats posed by undocumented migrants. Hopefully this will signal to would-be trespassers that they should steer clear, ensuring peace and security for all Texans.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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