YES! Trump Unveils Profound 7 Point Plan to End Biden’s Marxist Crime Wave That’s Ruining America

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President Donald J. Trump recently announced a comprehensive seven-point plan to restore law and order in American communities by tackling the tremendous crime surge on President Biden’s watch. President Trump proved his commitment to keeping our nation’s citizens safe during his first term, and this plan further underlines that dedication. 

Key points of the President’s plan include increased federal prosecution by leveraging federal resources, tougher sentences for criminals, enhanced community safety efforts, continued support of police officers and other law enforcement personnel, and more secure borders.

With President Trump’s plan, people throughout the entire nation can rest easy knowing that their communities are respected, valued and being safeguarded better than ever before.

President Trump is taking very serious steps to ensure the safety of American communities. He has committed to boosting police training, hiring, and retention as well as giving officers greater liability protection.

To enforce gun laws strictly and crack down on open illegal drug use, President Trump intends to cooperate with ICE and obtain DOJ grants for local law enforcement.

Radical Marxist prosecutors who abolish cash bail will be challenged by President Trump and the DOJ will investigate radical leftist prosecutor’s officers in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

President Trump’s plan includes dismantling gangs and drug networks and implementing that those guilty of human trafficking and drug dealing can face capital punishment.

The National Guard will also step in when local law enforcement fail.

President Trump also plans to sign concealed carry reciprocity legislation as well as increase border security for increased enforcement.

A complete overhaul of federal standards for disciplining minors is also part of President Trump’s Plan to Keep American Communities Safe.

This is a serious matter — President Biden has let the Marxists take over and too many people are suffering for it. This cannot stand! President Trump’s seven-point plan to restore law and order, crafted after witnessing the surge in crime under Biden’s watch, is the solution we’ve been waiting for. This plan serves as evidence that Trump’s commitment to keeping our nation’s citizens safe remains steadfast and unwavering. This realization offers us all hope that just maybe, if we band together and fight for true American values, we can rally behind President Trump in 2024 and secure safety and prosperity for generations to come. This is critical; there is no time limit on justice. This fight starts now!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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