WHOOPSIE! KJP Slips Reveals Who’s REALLY President At White House Press Briefing

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In an embarrassing moment on live TV, the President’s Press Secretary KJP revealed the White House’s true head-honcho – and it wasn’t the leader of the free world! During a regular press briefing, KJP made an astonishing gaffe that has viewers stunned. Have you ever heard of an acting President? Well you have now, because this slip of the tongue has hinted at who is really in command. How will international relations change as we discover who is pulling the strings behind closed doors? Tune in to find out!

At a White House press briefing, KJP slipped up and made a blunder that revealed who is really the president. Instead of referring to President Biden as the current leader of the United States, KJP referred to President Obama. It was an embarrassing moment for KJP, and she quickly backtracked to refer to Biden

This moment was not lost on the twitterverse, where they were quick to call out KJP and her gaffe.

@MatthewJshow tweeted, “Obama has been running the show for quite some time.”

Burke tweeted, “She said out loud what many have suspected for some time. Freudian slip much there KJP.”

One user posted this telling interview with Obama discussing how he would devise a third term, and dictate from the shadows.

Shortly after the Kenyan left office it was reported by New York Post columnist Paul Sperry that Obama was in-fact building a “Shadow Government” to derail President Trump which has now persisted though the Biden Administration.

KJP’s embarrassing gaffe on live TV has opened up an even bigger can of political worms. KJP, the President’s Press Secretary, has just revealed Obama was really in charge at the White House press briefing – a slip-up that caused viewers to look twice! Obama has secretly set up a Shadow Government, controlling and overseeing current White House affairs – and KJP just revealed it to the world! Obama has become somewhat of an enigma in recent weeks, following President Biden’s State of the Union speech which had left many doubting Biden’s plans for 2024. Rumors are rampant, but KJP sure managed to surprise us with this unexpected reveal! It seems Obama’s safe-haven from the public eye is actually quite close – and Obama is playing a bigger role in White House affairs than previously anticipated.

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Next News Network Team

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