Biden’s Betrayal: President Brags About Ukrainian Flags Flying Over American Homes

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Are President Joe Biden and his administration American Last? It certainly seems like it after Biden’s outrageous betrayal of the nation by publicly bragging about Ukrainian flags flying over homes in America! 

Recently, Joe Biden was seen boasting about the number of Ukrainian flags flying over American homes. This has left many citizens indignant, asking why Biden never speaks so passionately about the American flag, or even the citizens of America.

Trending politics reports, earlier this week, Joe Biden bragged about the fact that some Americans fly the Ukrainian flag at home. There were many users on Twitter wondering why he has never spoken so highly of the American flag before.

Biden boasted “All across my country in big cities and small towns, Ukrainian flags fly from American homes,”

Another bizarre statement proving his “America Last” priorities, Biden said “Our commitment is to the people of Ukraine and the future of Ukraine”:

In reply to Biden’s anti-American comments twitter exploded in outrage.

Twitter user f* 987 tweeted the true difference between  Trump and Joe Biden.

Another twitter user posted this meme that clearly depicts how the US Government is treating Ukraine, versus letting Ohioans suffer with toxic chemicals being dumped into their water supply, and left to drown.

Biden was not done when it came to his attempt to kick off World War 3, later in his speech he decided to talk some more smack to Russia.

When we were told that the “adults are in charge now” after Biden took the White House, the most anti-war president we have ever had, Donald Trump, issued a statement on the debacle happening in Europe.

Biden’s glowing praise for Ukrainian flags flying in America sent shockwaves through the twitterverse, with citizens questioning why the president has yet to speak so fondly of the Stars and Stripes. Incredulous comments flooded comment sections, with many voicing their alarm at Biden’s “America Last” mentality – a dangerous road to go down as a leader of the United States. Eye-catching memes evoked tones of shock, anger and betrayal, with some even describing Biden as an “Globalist warmonger” or “traitor” — though that may be extreme language, it certainly highlights how deep rooted this nation’s patriotism runs. It is clear Biden’s heinous statement has incurred quite an uproar throughout the country; one can only hope he takes heed and reassures his citizens he has their best interests at heart.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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