Greene’s ‘National Divorce’ Comment Triggers Meltdown Among Snowflakes!

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Marjory Taylor Green has made a lot of statements that have generated both admiration and criticism in equal measures, but one thing is certain: she is no coward. Instead of shying away from the controversial, Green has bravely spoken her mind on all manner of topics, even when they aren’t necessarily popular. Her most recent national comment about a “national divorce” has caused widespread debate and consternation was one she both expounded upon and defended – an impressive feat for any public figure.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene continued her plea for a “national divorce” this week in an interview with Sean Hannity. Though some have labeled the suggestion as a call to civil war, Greene made sure to clarify that was not her intention. She pleaded her case more inline with the idea of peacefully separating from political ideals and removing any place where divisiveness reigned supreme. Yet she also expressed concerns that is where the country is currently headed if changes aren’t made to foster reconciliation and bring about unity. A majority of oher weak republicans would have apologized for such a comment but she is one of the few with a reputation to not cower.

The Washington Examiner reports, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene defended her call for a “national divorce” this week, saying she wasn’t advocating a civil war, but is concerned that’s the direction the country is heading.

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Hannity on Tuesday, Greene continued to argue for a peaceful divorce.

So far, it’s not a bad plan…

In her proposal to shrink the influence of the national government, the Georgia congresswoman cited environmental and social policies. In response to a question about whether she violated her constitutional oath by calling for a so-called “divorce,” she said she was only advocating smaller government.

The congresswoman continued to give a powerful explanation of how all normal conservative Americans feel.

It’s abundantly clear now that our differences have created a stark divide amongst us, which is the fault of the spineless GOP establishment caving to the radical left. They’ve made countless compromises with the left to try and foster a harmonious America, yet it appears they only use this truce as fuel to demand even more change. They have given the left a little here and there but in the long run that has compromised our morals and our values so we could live in a peaceful society. All the while, the left has drained us almost completely dry and it’s time for us conservatives to put our foot down and draw a line. If we don’t do that, the America we once knew will be no more and that will be because the establishment GOP just keeps giving it away.

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