Joy Behar’s Meltdown: Can’t Handle Tucker Carlson’s Facts!

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Every time we see The View on our television screens, we can’t help but sigh. It’s bad enough that Whoopie regularly slips out of line and commits various infractions; but to keep seeing it happen again and again? Well, you’d think the show would wise up eventually – yet here we still are. This week has seen another infamous ‘Joy Behar slip’, when the host stumbled through a common J6 talking point with an obvious Freudian faux pas. Continue to embarrass her self like she did last time with Liam Neeson.

Joy Behar subtly misspoke Wednesday while criticizing prominent figures Tucker Carlson and Kevin McCarthy. Tensions soared between the Democrats and Republicans following news that McCarthy granted Carlson exclusive access to hours of footage from the Capitol riot on January 6th. This decision garnered swift backlash from the left due to their  immense loathing of the news personality. Apparently this exchange got Behar so heated she had to correct herself mid-sentence. Stay tuned.

Daily caller reports, “The View” co-host Joy Behar criticized the Daily Caller’s co-founder Tucker Carlson and the Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy Wednesday.

McCarthy granted Carlson exclusive access to 41,000 hours of Capitol riot footage; Carlson confirmed on-air that his producers were reviewing the material.

Here is Tucker disclosing that information.

Here’s Joy Behar’s attempt to one-up her last embarrassing moment from Liam Neeson’s last appearance on the show.

What’s more interesting is watching supposed Republican Allyssa Griffin agreed with Behar on just how dangerous it is for Tucker to be given the footage.

Sunny Hostin said McCarthy had to provide the footage to Tucker Carlson as a “concession” to win the Speakership.

According to Axios, Carlson intends to air bits of the video on his show.

It’s absolutely remarkable that the left-wing isn’t voicing discontent with the fact that the hours of footage wasn’t released when they were in power. It only serves to prove that they had an agenda, and chose what was advantageous to them rather than the truth. If all these hours of footage were released and accessible to the public and the left, no one would be able to spin the facts or provide a misleading narrative. Everyone would have access to the same facts and form their decisions from there – and hopefully, then it will really put the left under pressure when the truth comes out. 

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Next News Network Team

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