Expose Biden’s Hypocrisy! Joe Claims His Doc Scandal Is “Different”

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Joe Biden and his family have been exposed of a variety of scandals, and it appears that if he had his way he would do anything to bury them. His response to being questioned about one of his already old scandals, the classified documents, is a perfect indication of just that. Apparently when he does something wrong it’s not a big deal but when Trump does its the end of the old.

President Joe Biden appeared on “World News Tonight” for an interview, and the reporter began by reminding him of his public response to the incident where classified documents were found in the possession of former President Trump. Biden was obviously disturbed by the reminder, as he defended himself regarding how he has personally managed the FBI finding of classified docs when he was Vice President. He was visibly flustered and somewhat agitated as he scrambled to defend his actions compared to  that of Trumps.

Town Hall reports, when asked how he handled the FBI finding classified documents in his possession, Joe Biden got defensive.

During an interview with David Muir on “World News Tonight,” Muir reminded Biden how he described Trump’s classified document incident last year on “60 Minutes.” 

Muir questioned,  “you called the Trump discovery irresponsible. Is there something irresponsible here, though, too?”

Here is what Biden had to say for himself.

Muir also asked Biden, “Can you assure the American people that none of the documents discovered in your garage or your old office compromised sources or methods or U.S. intelligence?”

Despite his remarks on the FBI’s raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, Biden said his lawyers advised him not to comment on the Justice Department investigation.

As a result, Muir suggested that Biden was hypocritical when he dodged questions about the issue. .

In this case, the difference between Biden and Trump is clear. One was a sitting president when he took home classified documents, and one wasn’t. Most Americans understand that not every situation requires an investigation or a formal inquiry, and common sense tells us that Biden’s case is no different. We all have to be held accountable for our actions and everyone should adhere to the same law; however, it’s important to recognize the key distinctions in any given circumstance. You’re a crock and you guys still haven found proof Trump is one and you’ve been hunting for 7 years now.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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