Kamala Harris Humiliated: Awkward ‘Please Clap’ Moment Highlights Democrat Dysfunction

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Kamala Harris might be the nation’s Vice President, but her recent speeches are more reminiscent of a child giving their first recital. Sure, it was cute when the little ones nervously took center stage and adorably stumbled through their opening lines – but having a grown adult do this in front of other grown adults? Not so much. Unfortunately, Harris continues to top her own performances and they will leave you speechless.

The writing may already be on the wall for the Democrats as far as their 2024 presidential pick goes. Joe Biden’s obvious frailty has yet to be addressed by the establishment, leaving supporters and non-supporters alike concerned about what his diminishing capacity may mean for the efficacy of his campaign. Unfortunately, his ‘second’ Kamala Harris is far from inspiring either. Her evident discomfort in public appearances, paired with her well-documented word salads have some rightly questioning if she would represent a step forward or backwards for the party. This week only served to confirm these worries, as no one seemed compelled to clap until forced to when she walked into a room.

Red state reports, if Joe Biden runs for president again in 2024, the Democrats will be in trouble. His mental health has deteriorated so much – and he will be in even worse shape by the time he runs in 2024.

Unfortunately, the Democrats’ alternatives are not great. Among those alternatives is Kamala Harris, Biden’s “second” – a word salad expert with a cackle of her own. It would be hard to point to one solid accomplishment that she’s had since she took office. Since she was given the task of the border, she hasn’t done anything that has improved the situation.

Consequently, when she entered the room, and audience members were told to stand, they weren’t exactly cheering. In fact, it was just a couple of people politely putting their hands together. They had to be encouraged to clap, in a humiliating Kind of moment.

TAKE A LOOK at the clown show

To illustrate how pathetic that was, let’s compare it to how President Trump was greeted around the same time in East Palestine.

Have you ever seen a group become positively hysterical for Joe or Kamala? Me neither. If you do, please send it to us so we authenticate that it’s not fake.

Watching the video of Kamala Harris or of  Biden entering a room together is nothing short of disheartening. We have never seen a Vice President so grossly incompetent, it is enough to make us long for the days when vice presidents were practically invisible. Every time the media gets their hands on these two, they make sure to rub it in our faces just to embarrass the living heck out of us. It’s a depressing state of affairs, but one we have no choice but to count down the remaining  days till we vote them out.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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