The Truth About Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Plan – More Poverty!

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It was as if most Americans knew back then what would happen if Joe Biden ever got his hands on the presidency. But nobody listened, did they? They ignored the warnings, brushed over the evidence and now, oh now, the future we could’ve avoided has become our harrowing reality. With a surge of liberal policies and decisions, it’s now clear that ‘the numbers don’t lie’ – not one bit. Let’s find out how Americans feel about their finances under Biden.

Americans may be feeling the crunch of financial insecurity, as a new Fox News poll reveals that nearly 60 percent of registered U.S. voters say they have less money in their pocket this year compared to last. While this statistic demonstrates how dire the economic state of the nation is right now, it should come as no surprise that those numbers could even be higher than reported. Many people may not realize their situation until after they’ve taken a closer look at their balances and expenses, or unless they experience unexpected costs which can further destabilize someone’s economic standing

Breitbart reports,

On Sunday, Fox News released a poll that found that nearly 60 percent of registered U.S. voters had “less money in their pockets than a year ago.”

In February of 2022, 50 percent said they had less money to spend than last year. The number of registered voters who reported having less money in their pockets fell to 28 percent in 2018.

“Among those feeling hit hardest are Republican women (78% less money now), rural Whites (69%), Gen Xers (63%), and voters on incomes below $50,000 (62%).

Apparently some of the people feeling it the most are boomers who were planning on retiring.

According to the poll, 12 percent of respondents have more money to spend, while 31 percent have the same amount.

Most Americans (62 percent) disapprove of the way President Joe Biden is handling the economy, and 66 percent disapprove of how he is handling inflation. It is estimated that 80 percent of voters believe the economy is in fair or poor condition, essentially unchanged from last year.

Voters continue to rank the economy as their top issue, with 36 percent saying it is the most important issue facing the country. Among Democrats, Republicans, and independents, the economy is the number one issue.

The Democratic party has made some grave errors these past few years that have put our financial lives in jeopardy, and the only hope of us surviving this torture in 2024 is through a Republican taking office. After dishing out endless criticism for President Trump’s controversial tweets, it seems that the American people may be able to accept said tweets if with them brings an increase in their pocketbooks. We can only hope that the Democrats with common sense can swallow their pride and embrace this “extremist” idea before it’s too late – individual personalities aside, we all need to prioritize adequate financial stability in our lives above everything else.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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