Biden Administration HUMILIATED by Sen. Kennedy at CPAC 2023

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 Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana commands the attention of a room whenever he speaks. He’s renowned for his eccentric delivery, captivating wit, and conservative tendencies. At CPAC, the senator delivered a speech that captivated his audience and tickled their ears as he went for the jugular on the Biden administration. His lively commentary on politics and culture provided an element of surprise — even to those familiar with his oratory style.

Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana used his address at the Conservative Political Action Conference to express his distaste for the Biden administration, and the liberal political establishment more broadly. With a characteristically blunt style, Kennedy lambasted progressives for their embrace of what he views as intrusive government policies and overreach into areas where it does not belong. Of course the senator did it in a southern fashion.

The Washington Examiner reports, During Thursday’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) took aim at the Biden administration and liberal political establishment.

On the first day of talks at the conservative political gathering near Washington, he was one of several Republican senators present.

His speech focused on his distaste for the Left, including President Joe Biden and Washington.

The senator tried to be as polite as possible towards the Biden admin and this is what slipped out.

The southern gentleman is absolutely right.

He didn’t stop there, he was just getting warmed up. He also said, “the egos of people in government make him wonder how some of them made it through the “birth canal” and that the Right would need to “get some new conspiracy theories because all the old ones came true.”

A number of other senators spoke at CPAC on Thursday, including Marsha Blackburn, Bill Hagerty, Ted Cruz, J.D. Vance, and Tommy Tuberville (R-AL).

When Senator Kenedy took the podium, everyone in the room was eager for something to remember. His too-kind words were a little polite and, frankly, We were expecting him to let loose with his observations and sharp wit since we’re desperate for some good old-fashioned political comedy at this point. Under Joe Biden’s leadership, it seems that things have gone from bad to even worse very quickly; it feels like he just picked up from where he left off with Obama. It’s nice to have an old fashion southerner break the tension once in a while and that’s what the senator consistently brings to the table.

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