WHERE’S GAVIN?! As Snow PUMMELS California, Newsom is MIA! 

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As feet of snow continue to blanket parts of California, one thing is certain: Governor Gavin Newsom is in some deep trouble! While his constituents suffered through a historic blizzard that left parts of the Golden State cold, wet and without power; Gavin Newsom was nowhere to be found.

As residents in the mountains continue to be trapped after 17 feet of snow dumped there, it has been revealed that California Governor Gavin Newsom left the state without explanation.

According to Fox News, the Democrat was reportedly away from California on Thursday and over the weekend on ‘personal travel’. The press office of Newsom did not disclose exactly where he went at first, only that he visited Diablo Canyon, the state’s last nuclear power plant, on Wednesday before leaving.

One day before disappearing, Newsom declared a state of emergency in 13 counties across the state, including Los Angeles, due to the storms.

A heavy snowfall overwhelmed the snow plowing equipment designed for ordinary storms, burying homes and businesses.

On Sunday, his press office confirmed that he had visited Baja California – a Mexican state on the Baja California Peninsula, bordering California. 

Republican California Congressman Rep. Kevin Kiley tweeted on Thursday, “Californians are trapped in their homes without power. More storms are on the way. And Governor Newsom has just left the state for ‘personal travel.’”

In addition, San Francisco Chronicle columnist Emily Hoeven tweeted Friday, “May not have been the best timing for Newsom to go out of state on personal travel,” linking to an article about Californians being stranded without food or a way to dig themselves out of the snow.

Outrage is sure to spread quickly throughout California as the word gets out that Governor Gavin Newsom went into hiding while the devastating effects of an historic snowstorm took hold in the state. Rather than prioritize his responsibility to the Golden State and its people, he selfishly decided to take “personal travel” to Baja California – which is completely unacceptable. His absence during this crisis, in which he even declared an emergency in 13 counties only one day before leaving, is a clear example of poor leadership and a situation of ‘luxury and convenience for me but not for thee’.

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Next News Network Team

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