Biden’s threat to peace: $619M for Taiwan arms race!

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The Biden administration has certainly stirred up a pot of trouble for America and its allies. In the wake of their disastrous policies, a war between Ukraine and Russia was sparked, leading to millions in collateral damages. Now, China is taking advantage of what they consider to be America’s weakest state and are making moves towards annexing Taiwan; if they do, it will be with the help of this latest Biden move.

The Biden regime’s decision to fund Taiwan with hundreds of millions to prepare them for a potential conflict with China has come as an unwelcome surprise to many. The U.S. State Department further declared their intentions to equip Taiwan with missiles and F-16 fighter jets among other weapons, creating a hefty bill that will cost us more than just money. 

The big league politics reports, In preparation for a possible conflict with China, the Biden regime has agreed to funnel hundreds of millions into Taiwan.

According to the U.S. State Department, $619 million will be spent on Taiwan missiles for F-16 fighter jets. Similarly to what is currently happening between Russia and Ukraine, this will only enrage China and risk another dangerous and costly proxy war for the U.S.

Taiwan Plus reported the business deal.

According to the Pentagon, arming Taiwan “serves US national, economic, and security interests by supporting the recipient’s continuing efforts to modernize its armed forces and to maintain a credible defensive capability.”

The deal must ultimately be approved by Congress, but since all these lawmakers are owned by the military-industrial complex, it is expected to be little more than a formality.

A recent report in Big League Politics warns that China is arming itself for war with Taiwan as the U.S. steps in to stoke conflict.

Claiming: The nation of China is increasing their military activity as U.S. officials signify that they are ready to help Taiwan repel Chinese aggression, which may risk another endless war.”

They added: “Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, noted that the Chinese army’s recent drills had been conducted as a “solemn warning against Taipei’s increased provocation, which damaged peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait” in response to Taiwan’s “recently intensified military collusion with the US.”

The signs of potential conflict between China and Taiwan are becoming increasingly evident. While Joe Biden has spoken of his casual support for Taiwan before, that will be causing heightened tension in the region. Though the American public has no appetite for getting embroiled in another military conflict, it is important to remember that just a few short years ago, we said the same things about Ukraine – yet here we are today suffering the consequences of having “invested” massively financially. What makes us think the Biden handlers will listen to us this time. We can only hope our congress prevents our involvement or we will have no options because of how valuable Taiwan is to the chip manufacturing industry.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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