Watch Nikki Haley Get Humiliated by ‘We Love Trump’ Chants

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Nikki Haley’s CPAC speech was far from the triumphant entrance into the 2024 Presidential election she had hoped for. 

Unfortunately for Haley, her speech was seen as a disappointment by both those in attendance and viewers watching online; she failed to energize the crowd and was drowned out by “We Love Trump” chants from sections of the audience.  

We Love Trump reports, CPAC hosted former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, who gave a low-energy speech to a mostly empty audience on Friday.

In her speech, Nikki Haley said politicians over 75 years old should take a mental competency test. She pauses for applause….and is embarrassed.

Haley made a pitch about putting trust into a new generations of politicians, and that being the cause of lost elections for Republicans.

The best part of Nikki Haley at CPAC actually happened in the halls when she was sighted walking and the crowd erupted into cheers…

During Photo Ops

The former UN ambassador announced her presidential bid for 2024 on February 14, and is considered a major contender to challenge the 45th President. Nikki Haley has already laid out some of her key campaign points. Among them are that US businesses must hire Americans and not illegal immigrants, implement term limits for Congress, require mandatory mental competency tests for US politicians over 75 years old, increase domestic energy production, etc.

After tossing her hat into the ring, Haley has treaded carefully, avoiding any mention of Trump by name. Her pledge to support him if he won the GOP nomination was made during a recent interview on the podcast “Honestly.”

While Nikki Haley spoke to empty rooms, Trump on the other hand most certainly did not.

We Love Trump writes, During CPAC 2023, President Trump took it out with a bang! There is no doubt in my mind that he looks sharper and tougher than he has ever been.

In 2024, he said he will move incredibly fast since he now knows all the players and how DC works.

He will eliminate them quickly and systematically.

Former Governor Nikki Haley’s recent appearance at CPAC sparked an overwhelming amount of criticism after the Republican neoconservative failed to energize the crowd. While she showcased her usual platform regarding a strong economy, secure borders, and admirable leadership to reclaim America’s world standing, her speech nevertheless fell flat with Trump supporters and conservatives alike. Trump 2024 chants from the crowd terribly overshadowed any positive impact Haley was attempting to make by invigorating the crowd for a President Trump-like era. This abysmal display showed that maybe Nikki Haley is in way over her head if she really wants to step up for America’s leadership role – or worse still, the White House.

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