Biden’s open borders policy bankrupting New York City!

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New Yorkers should definitely be outraged when they hear about the hefty price tag associated with illegal immigrants in their midst. It’s a slap in the face to taxpayers who are following the law and can hardly afford to make ends meet, while their hard-earned money is going towards services for those who entered our country illegally. 

New York City is slowly becoming a hot-bed of illegal immigration. The city is perhaps most notably recognized for long shielding illegal aliens from arrest and deportation, that was of course until Texas Governor Greg Abbott has bused nearly 50,000 migrants to the sanctuary state. With each migrant comes a heavy price tag for local taxpayers in NYC who are being charged 5 million dollars per day in order to pay for housing, feeding and caring for the border crossers.

Breitbart reports, every day, millions of dollars are spent on housing, feeding, and caring for newly arrived Texas border crossers.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and other governors have bussed nearly 50,000 migrants to New York City, a sanctuary city long known for protecting illegal aliens from arrest and deportation.

Mayor Eric Adams’ office confirmed that the city has to charge New Yorkers about $5 million per day to house and feed roughly 30,000 migrants.

This comes after migrants were previously temporarily put up in luxury hotels.

Deputy Commissioner Zach Iscol told the press that illegal immigration will eventually put a strain on New Yorkers.

Approximately $650 million has already been spent by New Yorkers on newly arrived border crossers, and the total is expected to surpass $4 billion by next year.

As a result, Adams has not asked President Biden to end his extensive Catch and Release program, where almost two million border crossers and illegal aliens have been released.

Mayor Adam may have his work cut out for him if he wants to stop the influx of illegal immigrants from costing his state’s coffers money. It’s apparent that simply asking President Biden to change policies will not be enough. Begging the President may be in order, otherwise Texas and other border states will continue sending undocumented people to places like New York. There are already reports of billions being spent just for New York because of this crisis, so one can only imagine how much money states along the Mexican border have already spent these last two years. Chop chop, Adam!

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