Squad Member Unleashes On Witness with 2 Word Accusation at explosive hearing

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At the House energy committee hearing, investigation into America’s fossil fuel use quickly took a turn for the worse when Democratic Representative Cori Bush unleashed her attack on the witness. 

Cori Bush is not known for her even tempered approach to tense situations, nor is she well known for her ability to do research before she accuses someone of something so terrible.

Daily Caller reports, Democratic Missouri Rep. Cori Bush accused one of the witnesses of racism during a House hearing on fossil fuels.

In her opening statement, Bush criticized the oil industry before turning to an unidentified witness.

As Bush continued quoting the unidentified witnesses, she said the witness later doubled down on his argument, saying certain cultures are inferior to western cultures.

Bush stated “We are not inferior to any culture,” after having noted the witness said their culture comment was not in regards to skin color but simply culture.

Cori Bush recently got into trouble for her security guard.

Fox news reports, friend of Democratic Rep. Corri Bush, Nathaniel Davis, a self-proclaimed “antisemitic spiritual guru.” As well as paying Cori Bush handsomely for security services from her campaign’s coffers, she also cut tens of thousands of dollars in personal protection checks to her new husband last year, who lacks a private security license.

When Fox news reached out to the St. louis Metro Police to inquire about Davis’s security license they replied with that no such record is on file. 

Washington Free Beacon reported Tuesday that Davis – a Bush friend – claims he is 109 trillion years old and can summon tornadoes, among other godly abilities.

According to the publication, Davis teaches people “how to read minds, summon mythical beings, and maintain urban gardens—to avoid having to buy food from the Jewish Nation,” they wrote.

The investigation into America’s use of fossil fuels quickly descended into chaos when Democratic Rep. Cori Bush made abhorrent accusations against an unidentified witness, claiming he was a ‘white supremacist’ and that his view was that western cultures were superior to other cultures. It was yet another example of liberal politicians using woke buzzwords to fit their agenda, while slandering anyone who disagrees with them, in this case without any proof of misconduct whatsoever. Such slanderous and unethical behavior should not be tolerated and must be called out whenever it occurs.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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