BOOM! Sarah Sanders Makes History, Signs Bill into Law that All States Should Follow

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Governor Sarah Sanders has scored a major victory for parents, conservatives, and students alike in the wake of her new school choice law. 

Bypassing teacher’s unions and other elements of the liberal agenda, Sanders has firmly asserted her dedication to the education freedom of parents to choose the best environment for their children on the basis of religious belief and economic status.

Daily Caller reports, on Wednesday, Republican Governor Sarah Sanders signed education legislation into law that will create a universal school choice program by the 2025-2026 school year.

This law establishes a school choice program, which is co-sponsored by 25 Senate members and 55 House members, that gives vouchers of $7,413 to students outside of the public school system each year, increasing the number of students eligible each year. 

Governor Sanders has been met with praise and criticism over the new legislation.

ABC News reports. Vouchers, or “Education Freedom Accounts,” as they’ll be called under Sanders, allow taxpayers to redirect public funds to private schools to support students, not systems.

Some critics say the voucher program is essentially a tax stipend for families with the means to enroll their children in private or charter schools or home-school them, among other concerns.

Jim Ross a history teacher at the University of Arkansas stated “At the end of the day, this is only going to be for a few people,” Ross also stated that  the program could serve to “re-segregate” Arkansas schools. “And it’s gross that no one will be honest about that.”

In protest of LEARNS, more than 1,000 students at Little Rock Central High School, Sanders’ alma mater, walked out of classes on Friday.

A group of 10 students tried to speak about the bill at the state Capitol on Monday, but State Sen. Jane English only allowed them to speak about its procedural amendment, leaving them feeling “silenced” and “belittled,” according to Gryffyn May, a Little Rock Central senior.

With Governor Sanders’ signing of this education legislation into law, parents across the state can celebrate a victory for their schools over the liberal agenda and woke mob. Surpassing the teacher’s unions and Godless Left, this is a conservative win that parents can take pride in as money is now given to those outside of the public school system each year to ensure education freedom based on religious faith and economic status. In signing this legislation, Governor Sanders has delivered what parents have been praying for: the right to choose the best environment for their children.

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