UNEXPECTED: “The View” Co-host BLASTS KJP after Disrespecting Presidential Candidate

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 KJP is taking fire from her own party for a divisive comment she made about a potential Biden opponent. Considering American politics is as hotly contested as it ever has been, it’s almost shocking to see the left attempt their version of holding someone accountable, especially when that accountability comes in the form of criticism from daytime television show “The View.”

Sara Haines’ critique of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was an eye-opener for many people watching the US political scene. On “The View,” Haines expressed her disapproval of Jean-Pierre’s joke about President Joe Biden’s already claimed 2024 Democratic challenger, Marianne Williamson. It was a bold move to call out someone representing the highest level of the executive branch in such a public manner. Let’s see if Haine’s actually means her criticism. 

Daily Caller reports, “The The View” co-host Sara Haines called Karine Jean-Pierre’s joke about Marianne Williamson, president Joe Biden’s first Democratic challenger in 2024, “not a good look.”

At Monday’s White House briefing, Jean-Pierre made a joke about Williamson, which led Williamson to accuse the press secretary of speaking “derisively” and mocking her past as a self-help author and spiritual adviser. Furthermore, she criticized Jean-Pierre for making such remarks about a woman running for president of the United States.

Here was KJP’s joking comment.

While Sunny and Behar were defending KJP and her response, Haine had the courage to assert a difference of opinion in the mix, which is rarely seen.

Karine Jean Piere does not have a good sense of humor overall, but perhaps it would be more sensible for her to demonstrate that she is competent in the job she currently holds before attempting to audition to become a comedian. We already have many self-proclaimed funny comedians such as Joy Behar, and the reality is that there is no need for Ms. Piere to try and fill this space as well when she can’t do her current job right. Haine’s point was absolutely on-the-mark here; this would have been the perfect place to demonstrate her understanding of the Hatch Act, a tool she is all too familiar with as she has continuously abused it.

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