Wild Teens Run Amok in Queens Seafood Joint – Police Hunt Suspects!

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 Citizens of Queens are outraged after lawless teens recently ran amok in a seafood restaurant, trashing the establishment and raising serious questions about the inability of law enforcement to keep law breakers in line. 

Though local law enforcement have launched a manhunt for the vandals, many worry that modern social media trends and an overall weakening of leadership have combined to create an untenable situation with nobody held accountable for their actions.

Fox News reports, the suspects are still on the loose after a large group of teenagers ransacked a restaurant in Queens, New York.

The suspects entered Fish Village in College Point on Saturday morning and trashed the place without saying anything.

The attack caused an estimated $20,000 in damages, according to the restaurant.

This news comes as more social media flash mob incidents are occuring in other parts of the country.

KXAN reports, there has been a street racing phenomenon for decades, where cars are raced to see who can outrun the other. As a result of social media virality, cities across the country have reported more “sideshows,” also known as street takeovers.

The vehicles are often surrounded by “flash mobs” of spectators during these takeovers. The cars then perform stunts like drifting, donuts, and ghost riding, where the driver jumps out of the car while it’s in motion to dance or perform near or on it before jumping back in.

An I-10 street takeover video posted on TikTok in mid-January went viral. As reported by My San Antonio, the takeover resulted in a shooting and a four-vehicle crash.

Several vehicles cut off traffic on I-10 near Callaghan Road and began doing donuts, with at least one person firing a gun. After police arrived, the cars tried to speed away, resulting in the multi-vehicle crash.

The lawless act of a large group of teenagers ransacking a restaurant in Queens, New York and getting away with it shows just how weak our city  leaders can be. It is clear that law & order has become something of the past and it is increasingly difficult to hold anyone accountable for their actions. It also appears that due to the influence of social media trends, such as street racing and flash mobs, certain cities have fallen to lawlessness. The only way we can tackle this issue is by re-establishing order with more police presence and having strong leadership. It is time for law enforcement to take back its power and for us to demand accountability from those who wish to break the law.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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