Armed Employee Lockers Coming Soon to the Capitol Hill?

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Rep. Greg Steube has proposed a bill to allow congressional employees to store firearms in their Capitol Hill offices in response to skyrocketing crime and personal attacks on members of Congress. 

The Safe Storage Lockers for House Official Buildings Act would install storage lockers for protective weapons brought into the building, while still adhering to existing federal law that prohibits individuals from carrying weapons in federal buildings.

Daily Caller reports. Republican Congressman introduced a bill Friday allowing congressional employees to own, carry and store firearms.

According to a press release from Steube’s office, Rep. Greg Steube’s Safe Storage Lockers for House Official Buildings Act mandates the installation of storage lockers for protective weapons brought into the building.

According to the Florida congressman, the bill was introduced due to a rise in violent crime.

Steube stated ” Violent crime has skyrocketed across the country, enabled by disastrous soft-on-crime Democrat policies. Sadly, our nation’s capital is regressing to total lawlessness and violent chaos. Today, I’m introducing legislation to ensure Congressional employees have the right to defend themselves in crime-ridden D.C., My bill is simple: any employee who is lawfully permitted to carry a firearm, stun gun, or self-defense spray will be able to bring those weapons on their commute to a House Office Building and safely store the weapon until they are ready to depart the building.”

As a result of Rep. Steube’s legislation, existing federal law would be changed. Currently, individuals are prohibited from carrying weapons in federal buildings, including House employees who may be authorized to carry weapons outside the House office buildings in D.C.

This proposed law comes as Washington DC is pushing for statehood, and the city council just voted to reduce penalties for criminals. 

The House and Senate passed a resolution to block a DC crime bill that would have revised its criminal code. As a result of the bill, violent crimes, such as robberies, murders, and carjackings, would be punished less harshly.

Rep. Steube’s legislation is a welcome addition to congressional security measures, especially as skyrocketing crime and attacks on public officials leave citizens feeling vulnerable and in need of personal protection. His bill is an important step toward protecting the safety of those entrusted with upholding the Constitution of the United States. It is a prudent measure that will surely free Capitol Hill employees to carry their arms in defense, rather than feel helplessly exposed in such increasingly dangerous times.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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