Greta Thunberg Caught RED HANDED deleting Tweet Predicting 2023 DOOM

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Climate activists have been leading us down a slippery endless slope of lies and the world has kept trusting them despite their constant wrong predictions. Sadly, this fraudulent climate chaos only grew when Greta Thunberg – a 16 year old – rose to worldwide fame with her bold yet absurd claims about climate issues. Despite the fact that she was a child exploited by her parents and the media, she continues to be seen as an authority in the climate community and her voice is consistently given attention over common sense. She’s an adult now and it’s no longer cute. 

Gretta Thunberg started off as a young advocate for the environment, drawing attention to the problems that humanity faces in terms of climate change. Now, as an adult, Greta is trying to make a bigger impact than ever before – but recently she managed to cause some shock and disbelief when she deleted a tweet from 2018 that linked to an article that proposed we will no longer be part of planet earth within five years. Of course, this hasn’t been the case – 2023 has arrived and human beings are still here.

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Activist Greta tweeted in 2018, “A top climate scientist is warning that climate change will wipe out all humanity unless we stop using fossil fuels over the next five years.”

Flash forward five years later, we as a species are shocked to still be in existence.

Had it not been for the genius of political commentator Jack Posobie, the world would have forgotten all about it.

Posobiec recently posted a screenshot of the tweet on Saturday and tagged Thunberg, asking her why she deleted the tweet.

Thunberg linked to an article published by Grit Post in his 2018 tweet. Since then, their website,, has been shut down.

Which happens to be a coincidence, of course!

The world has caught on to adult Greta’s shady behavior. This is when Thunberg was caught red handed in January in a stage video of her being physically dragged by police officers at a climate change protest in Germany.

As a result of her climate change activism, Thunberg has gained fame and popularity over the past few years. Time Magazine named her Person of the Year in 2019.

Popular teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg’s recent deletion of a controversial tweet that would now be considered false information is proof that even she doesn’t believe the lies she spreads. However, there are still millions who are convinced by her delusional claims while she uses the cause to stage protests, should not go unnoticed. That’s why it’s so important to have political commentators like Jack Posobeic to keep people like Greta in check and hold them accountable for their actual mis-information. God knows the mainstream media won’t call her out because they’re peddling the same lies.

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Next News Network Team

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