Biden Just RUINED his Reputation with his Own Party with One Swipe of his Pen

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With just one swipe of his pen this week, Joe Biden managed to unapologetically alienate a large portion of his own party and has possibly ruined his political reputation for good. What could have pushed him so far from his base? Keep watching to find out all the details in this explosive turn of events!

In response to Biden’s approval of a major oil drilling project in Alaska, several top Democrats, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., heavily criticized him on Monday.

The Democrats argued that Biden’s climate agenda is contradicted by his decision to move forward with the Willow Project – a project forecast to produce 614 million barrels of crude oil over its 30-year life span. It was also suggested that the project could only be completely rejected by the president as the only acceptable outcome.

>>>IMG 1 In a joint statement, Ocasio-Cortez and a group of Democrat Representatives said, “The Biden administration has committed to fighting climate change and advancing environmental justice—today’s decision to approve the Willow project fails to live up to those promises…The only acceptable Willow project is no Willow project.”

In advance of Willow’s expected decision, the administration announced on Sunday evening it would block roughly 16 million acres in Alaska from future oil and gas leasing near where the project will be located. Ocasio-Cortez and the other Democrats, however, added in their statement that “split decisions in the face of the climate crisis are not good enough.”

This all comes after Biden pledged to end all new drilling on federal lands during the presidential campaign and shortly after taking office.

On Twitter this week, additional Democrats slammed Biden for his sudden reversal.

Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib tweeted, “[Biden] pledged to end new drilling on federal lands. This disastrous decision to approve the Willow Project in Alaska, one of the largest oil development projects in decades, will have devastating consequences on our planet, frontline communities, and wildlife.”

Democrat candidate for President Marianne Williamson commented, “As president I would immediately cancel the Willow project. We’re either going to save the planet, or we’re not. Right now we are stealing from our grandchildren the right to safely inhabit this world.”

And California Congressman Adam Schiff added, “It’s a mistake to approve oil drilling in Alaska’s Willow Project. It does nothing to move the U.S. toward permanent and sustainable energy independence, and risks profound harm to the environment. We must invest in renewables, not worsen our dependence on oil.”

It’s clear that Democrats were outraged by President Biden’s recent approval of the Willow Project. Although the project could have been rejected outright by the president, it appears that Biden made his decision based on a realization of America’s current oil production issues. With this move, Biden has risked his reputation and relationship with his own party, however, has earned a nod of respect from Americans who supported the project.  

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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