House Report Exposes Biden Family Financial Dealing with Chinese Co.

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In a stunning development, evidence has surfaced linking the Biden family’s corruption to Chinese dealings. Bank records show the Biden family was part of a shady $1 million deal with a Chinese energy company.

It appears the Bidens put their personal gain before their duty to serve the American people, proving yet again that corrupt corruption and unethical business practices run rampant in the political sphere. 

Townhall reports. House Oversight Committee members released new documents on Thursday that show Biden family members received more than $1 million from a Chinese energy company through the account of a family associate, as part of its ongoing scrutiny of President Joe Biden’s family’s business dealings.

A subpoena filed by Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer in February led to the revelations.

Congressional Oversight Committee members obtained financial records related to a Biden family associate, John Robinson Walker, and his company Robinson Walker, LLC, according to the committee. It was revealed in those records that between 2015 and 2017, “Biden family members and their businesses received over $1.2 million in payments from Rob Walker-related accounts.”.”

According to a memo from the Oversight Committee’s majority staff to lawmakers: 

State Energy HK Limited, a Chinese company, wired $3 million to Robinson Walker, LLC on March 1, 2017, less than two months after Vice President Joe Biden left office. Rob Walker’s business account had a balance of about $159,000 when the wire was sent.

Robinson Walker, LLC wired $1,065,000 to European Energy and Infrastructure Group (EEIG) in Abu Dhabi, a company affiliated with James Gilliar. The Biden family was involved in foreign transactions with Gilliar, who was Hunter Biden’s business partner.

Approximately three months after Robinson Walker, LLC received $3 million from State Energy HK Limited, Biden family members and their companies began receiving incremental payments. Hallie Biden, Hunter Biden, James Biden, and an unknown bank account identified as “Biden” received the money.

As a result of the Chinese company wiring Robinson Walker, LLC $3 million, the Biden family received approximately $1,065,692 over a three-month period. On March 2, 2017, EEIG, James Gilliar’s affiliated company, received almost the exact same amount, $1,065,000. Bank records indicate that the Biden family received approximately one-third of the China wire money.

The insanity did not stop there as more financial payments were uncovered while Biden was still a sitting Vice President.

Robinson Walker, LLC received a wire transfer of $179,836.86 on November 5, 2015 from a company with an overseas bank account (the Committee continues to investigate this company’s account holder).

Next day, Rob Walker transferred $59,900 from Robinson Walker, LLC to his personal checking account.

Several days later, on November 9, 2015, Rob Walker wired $59,900 to a bank account for “Robert Biden” using his personal checking account.

Similar to the March 2017 transaction with the Chinese company, EEIG also received $59,900 

It appears corruption has once again reared its ugly head and this time the Biden Crime Family is feeling its wrath.  A recent House report that revealed massive financial dealings with a Chinese energy firm has exposed the Bidens for what they truly are, an elite political family driven by personal gain instead of public duty and now our economy will suffer for it.  The resulting bank records showing a shocking $1M+ link between the Bidens and the Chinese Communist Party have left many of us in shock, rightfully indignant that even their corrupt schemes could encroach upon our safety, wallets, and freedom within our own country.  This corruption simply cannot stand & must be held accountable if we are to protect both ourselves and our American ideals.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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