With Trump’s Arrest Near, Here’s How Republicans are Reacting

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In a move that has Democrats salivating and their cronies in the MSM champing at the bit, President Trump announced over the weekend that he may be arrested on Tuesday. You’d think those on the opposite side of the political spectrum would get tired of conjuring up another witch hunt after the disastrous election interference probe and impeachment trials, but they’ve shown resilience in their obsession with going after Trump.

Trump’s potential indictment was ripped apart on Twitter by Republicans Saturday as “outrageous” and “politically motivated.”

The Daily Caller reports, in a Saturday morning post on Truth Social, Trump predicted he would be arrested on Tuesday. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office met with law enforcement in order to coordinate the arrest relating to Stormy Daniels’ alleged $130,000 payoff.

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy tweeted, “A Trump indictment would be a national disaster. It is un-American for the ruling party to use police power to arrest its political rivals. If a Republican prosecutor in 2004 had used a campaign finance technicality to arrest then-candidate John Kerry while Bush & Cheney were in power, liberals would have cried foul – and rightly so.”

Ramaswamy continued, saying, “This will mark a dark moment in American history and will undermine public trust in our electoral system itself. I call on the Manhattan District Attorney to reconsider this action and to put aside partisan politics in service of preserving our Constitutional republic.”

Meanwhile, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy tweeted, “Here we go again — an outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA who lets violent criminals walk as he pursues political vengeance against President Trump. I’m directing relevant committees to immediately investigate if federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy by interfering in elections with politically motivated prosecutions.”

Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas posted on Twitter, “The impending indictment of President Trump in NY must be treated as it is: a politically-motivated prosecution based on a strained, convoluted legal theory. It makes clear the danger of a politicized ‘justice’ system that will be (is being) weaponized against ALL Americans.”

In addition, several Republican members of Congress attacked the district attorney’s potential indictment on Twitter, accusing him of using a double standard.

Republican Rep. Lance Gooden of Texas posted, “The Soros-funded DA’s seeking to jail @realDonaldTrump allow violent criminals to roam freely and terrorize New York City. There’s one set of rules for Democrats & violent criminals, and another set of rules for the rest of us.”

Republican Rep. Cory Mills of Florida added, “The recent announcement and blatant politically motivated targeting of @realDonaldTrump from NY’s AG Bragg is EXACTLY what Americans have come to expect. He’s shown his soft on crime, no bail reform policies for violent criminals, but targets a Fmr. President. #BananaRepublic.”

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has shed a different light on the situation. 

Musk predicted that Trump would win in a landslide victory in the 2024 presidential election if the 76-year-old is arrested by the Manhattan DA. 

This newest witch hunt against President Trump could be another defining moment in his legacy – depending on what comes next as a result of this indictment. All eyes are now on the court proceedings to see how this story will unfold and what repercussions it may have on our political system moving forward. The Manhattan DA should remain careful, however, as there is a very likely chance this entire hit job on Trump will backfire immensely! It has become blatantly obvious that the politically-motivated charades directed at Trump know no bounds. The sheer desperation of the democrats to tear him down not only discredits their authenticity but also highlights their fixation on putting partisan politics above the nation’s interests. While they continue chasing ghosts, Trump remains a powerful figure who commands the attention and respect of millions of Americans.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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