BOOM! Reporter BLINDSIDES Biden with Question about his Family’s Criminal Activity 

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Joe Biden was recently subjected to a blistering, off guard confrontation regarding his family’s shady dealings with entities in China and the resulting payout he received from them. Despite his efforts, Biden was unable to explain away the evidence that continues to pile up against him.

Before boarding Marine One for Delaware, Joe Biden stopped to speak with reporters stationed on the South Lawn.

Biden was asked about the House Oversight Committee’s new memo detailing his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.

In March 2017, two months after Joe Biden left the vice presidency, a Hunter Biden associate’s account showed the Biden family had received more than a million dollars from a CCP-related energy company. An unnamed “Biden” account received the funds in addition to those associated with Jim Biden (Joe Biden’s brother), Hunter Biden (Joe Biden’s son), and Hallie Biden (widow of Beau Biden).

The House Oversight Committee revealed the shocking news on Thursday.

When confronted by the reporter about the bank records, Biden yelled, “that’s not true!”

Meanwhile, the House’s investigation into the Biden family business dealings, including bank records of deals with partners, was discussed by Chairman James Comer with host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.” 

The American people deserve a President that is transparent, honest, and committed to the country’s best interests, not one that is mired in scandals and shady dealings with foreign adversaries. It is evident that the recent revelations surrounding President Joe Biden’s potential involvement in questionable dealings with entities in China are becoming increasingly troubling. Despite his continuous attempts to obfuscate the facts and deny any wrongdoing, evidence continues to pile up, painting a picture that is difficult to ignore. The President’s evasive behavior and refusal to provide a clear, honest response when confronted with these facts further erode the public’s trust in his leadership. It is disheartening to see the nation’s highest office embroiled in allegations of corruption, and even more so when the President’s own words and actions serve to confirm these suspicions rather than dispel them.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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