New York Goes Green Insane: Bans Clean, Cheap Natural Gas!

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Even the most dedicated Democrats in New York had their chance to rid themselves of relentless tyrant Kathy Hochul during the midterms and yet, they chose to stick with her. Having no Republican leadership in sight, millions of Americans look at states like New York and shake their heads in disbelief. They are now on the verge of a tyrannical plunge into an unhealthy energy model- and there’s no one coming to save them. 

New York is on the path to making history with its determination to become the first state in the country to ban natural gas in new buildings. Leaders of both local chambers have heavily backed this daring move and proposed plans to replace natural gas with zero-emission alternatives. And this is their first step to many it seems. 

Free Beacon reports, both the State Assembly and Senate proposed different versions of the law, which would effectively require new buildings to use electric heating and stoves instead of natural gas.

Democratic leaders in both chambers support the policy, as does Governor Kathy Hochul (D.), who championed the statewide ban in January. Saying, “We are taking these steps now because climate change remains the greatest threat to our planet, and to our children and grandchildren.”

In New York City, WGRZ-TV broke down Hochuls’ plans and the pushback it received.

If New York enacts the ban, it would become the first state to ban natural gas in new buildings. The move comes amid a political firestorm over gas stoves, which was ignited by Trumka’s threat to ban the appliance in January.

In response, the White House quickly distanced itself from the president’s comments, stating that the president is not in favor of banning gas stoves. However, the Biden administration has gone on to regulate gas stoves in a climate change-focused manner. According to a February report by President Joe Biden’s Energy Department, the proposed efficiency regulations would ban half of all stoves sold on the U.S. market.

Republicans are likely to argue that such policies indicate a desire by Democrats to control every aspect of your life, which will lead to fierce opposition to New York’s proposed ban. Climate activists, however, hope that a natural gas ban in New York would help to make the policy more popular and convince other states to follow suit.

New York being extremely blue chances, chances are the bill will indeed pass. Hopefully this will wake conservatives in the state up and prompt them to move to more conservative states. One thing democrats are arguing is that moving away from natural gas will effectively help people health wise. If it was the case that natural gas was harming us, wouldn’t humans be living less years instead of more years? That’s something for people to think about it.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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